Sandwip Island (Upazila) is located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the mouth of the Meghna river of Chittagong district. It is an ancient island of Bangladesh. The island of about 4 million population is 50 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide. Each and every entity of Sandwip is

Bichnakandi is located in Rustampur union of Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet. As like Jaflong, Bichnakandi is a stone quarry. However, due to unregulated stone lifting, the beauty of Jaflong is ruined today, but Bichnakandi has kept her youth alive. Several steps of the Khasia hills on the Bangladesh-India border came from a different side and

In the south of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is the last district and it is the most visited tourist city. It is a popular destination being the largest sea beach in the world. Sonadia is one of the islands of Cox’s Bazar district. Locally, it is familiar with the name of Sonadia Char. It is established

Manpura Island (Monpura Dwip) is an isolated land in Bhola district of Bangladesh. The Dwip is 80km away (Southeast) from the Bhola district Sadar. The island is located at the side of Bay of Bengal and on the bank of Meghna river. This eight hundred years old island is naturally very attractive. The total area

The Indigenous People of Bangladesh are living mostly in the Chittagong Hilly areas. The communities are defined as distinct people socially, economically, and politically. They are also known as Tribal People or Ethnic Group or Minorities in Bangladesh. The life and culture of the Indigenous people are extremely fascinating. They are mostly from Buddhists. Some

From ancient times, we have the attraction for the mysterious things. With the passes of time, many unknown things in the world have become clear to us. On the other hand, a lot of things remain as interpretive as before. Yet, the mysterious lovers are hunting the reason behind the miracle matters. There are also

To begin with, what is the Mangrove forest? In general, where grow various kinds of small and medium trees – especially in coastal saline or brackish water are defined as the mangrove forest. According to the statistics of 2000, the total mangrove forest in the world covering 137,800 square kilometers. It has covered about 118

The first thing to remember, when you want to enjoy the beauty of Nafa-Khum, you have to travel a long way. Surely, I can assure, you will like the place and will not be bored. Do you know, Nafakhum is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you consider the volume of water falling. People explain