Best Tourist Bus Rental service in Bangladesh

Best Tourist Bus Rental service in Bangladesh

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In addition to miniature road trains, there are many tourist bus rental services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Coaster buses or small convertible minibus services use several types of vehicles. This file proposes a tour of these buses which ensure a city sightseeing activity.

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These tourist buses are accessible with urban network transport tickets. They are integrated into the public transport offer.

Types Of Tourist Bus in Bangladesh

There are different types of tourist buses in Bangladesh, including mini-bus, coaster services, luxury AC coach services, and AC bus as well as luxury coach services. Vacation tours for foreigners are increasing day by day in our country. The local tourist spots are increasing as well. So, tourist bus is in demand. There are 40 seats, 29 seats, 36 seats, and 52 seat buses available in Bangladesh. You will see adult seats, baby seats as well driver seats for this type of tourist bus rental service.

Tourist Bus Rental service in Bangladesh

In a large prestige coach with air conditioning, in an equally comfortable minibus, seated in the open air on the panoramic platform of the upper deck of the double-decker bus… or aboard a local tourist train for 2 hours or for a day, discover Bangladesh with multilingual guides, cultural comments and themed tours.

The programs are organized during the day and in the evening, in summer and winter… here is another way to appreciate our beautiful country.

Our sheets below give you the details of their offers, and you can reserve your places for the tourist buses in BD with the excursionists or through the Tourist Office the formula you prefer: a morning, afternoon, midday, or a day, with or without meals. Excursionists also offer to discover most of the major sites of Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal, etc.

rent a bus Bangladesh

Tourist bus for rent

You will get different tourist buses for rent. It is very comfortable with modern facilities. As the road is in good condition, it will bring more happiness to the tour.

Rent a bus for a day.

You can rent a bus for a day from Dhaka and can enjoy the whole day without any hassle. It is very convential and relaible. So, without delay, you can rent a bus for a day here.

Mini-bus rent

Are you looking for a mini-bus rental service? For friends and family tours or going outside with near and dear ones, it is reliable. You will get modern facilities in this type of mini-bus service.

Coaster bus rent in Dhaka

A Coaster bus is also available in Bangladesh. It is a single-decker minibus that is popular as a tourist bus. In general, there are 30 seats in a coaster bus.

Nissan civilian bus rent in Dhaka

As a tourist bus, Nissan civilian bus rent in Dhaka is popular. You will get a good overall experience using this bus.

Cox’s Bazar tourist bus

Cox’s Bazar is the most attractive, popular, and largest tourist center in Bangladesh. This longest beach in the world stands with all the beauty of nature. It has the world’s longest sandy beach and rows of beaches. Its length is about 122 km. There are thousands of natural wonders here, among them the vast mountains, glacial waterfalls, one of the world’s marine drives, colorful rocks and corals, Fish Aquarium, Water World, and small and large tourist spots.

Going by tourist bus in Cox’s Bazar is helpful. You will get a tourist bus at an affordable price.

Sylhet tourist bus

Sylhet is a very popular and important tourist area in Bangladesh. There are many beautiful spots in this area where you can go by Sylhet tourist bus. It will take several visits to cover them all. But a good plan will help you cover the entire Sylhet in a short time. Let’s see a good quality Sylhet tour plan.

tourist bus bd

Khulna tourist bus

Among the sightseeing places and historical places of Khulna district with tourist bus rental services are; Sundarbans, various tourist spots of mangrove Sundarbans (Karamjal, Dublar Char, Katka, Hiran Point), Kuthibari, Dakshindihi, Pithabhog, Raulli, Senhati, Bakultala, Shiromani, Samadhi Saudh of Birshrestha Ruhul Amin, Chuknagar, Gallamari, Bara Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali, House of Mahim Das, Khalishpur Satya Ashram, etc.

Tourist rent in Dhaka

If you are planning to visit Bangladesh, the sightseeing bus or tourist rent in Dhaka allows you to get an overview of the city on board a bus. But also, you can get on and off at the stops you want, when you want, throughout the validity period.

What is the difference between a BUS and a CAR?

What is the difference between a bus and a coach? Doubt remains in the definition and use of these terms. Travel Mate, which represents and supports VSEs and SMEs in tourist bus rental services all over Bangladesh, informs you…!

What is a bus?

On a daily basis, you are used to using the word bus for vehicles that can accommodate a large number of passengers. In fact, the bus is short for the bus. And a bus is a vehicle specialized in urban transport at reduced speed, on defined routes, and with frequent stops. Passengers can also travel standing up. For example, to get from home to the village school, you will take a bus.

What is a coach?

The word car is also an abbreviation of “Autocar”. It is a vehicle for intercity transport or long-distance journeys such as tourist trips. For example, if your Dhaka sports club has to go to Khulna for a competition, a coach will take you there!
To conclude, vehicles that carry out tourist tours, for example, in large cities, are indeed buses!


What are the main characteristics of a coach?

Today, let’s discover some technical information on coaches and buses together. What are the dimensions of a coach? A coach measures, on average, between 8 and 10 meters for a classic model. It has a width of almost 3 meters.

What are the advantages of the coach?

For a wedding, a seminar, a trip, or a school outing… The tourist bus service often offered the coach. Why not? What are the advantages? Why will this vehicle meet your needs? Find all the advantages of renting a car.

Our safety tips for traveling by bus

Travel Mate gives you today its advice for traveling by bus in complete safety. Indeed, it is essential to respect certain essential rules so that your trip takes place in the best conditions.

With our Tourist Bus Rental Service, you can arrange group or family tours. The beauty of Bangladesh will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within one or two days by visiting the places. Hopefully, you can go to different places within a tight budget using our rent-a-car Dhaka service. If you want to travel safely and enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you arrange the tour. Contact us for further details. Happy Traveling. ♥

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