Nafakhum Tour

About Nafakhum: Nafakhum is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you consider the volume of water falling. People explain it as the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. That is to say, Nafakhum is located in the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district – a hilly district of Chittagong Division.  Thanchi is located 79km away from Bandarban district.

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indrakpur kalla

Idrakpur Fort Travel Guideline

Idrakpur fort is located in the heart of Munshiganj city. During the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, the fort was named Idrakpur Fort in this area of ​​Bikrampur in 1660 AD by Mir Jumla, a general and subedar of Bengal. At that time the fort was built to protect the area from the attacks of

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How To Get e-Passport Easily – A to Z Guide

As the first country in South Asia and the 119 countries in the world, the e-passport program has officially started in Bangladesh. According to data, the e-passport is a biometric passport containing an embedded electronic chip. The chip contains biometric information, which is used to authenticate the passport holder. It uses microprocessors or smart

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Most Beautiful Solitary Sea Beaches In The World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Solitary Sea Beaches In The World!

Travel lovers mean getting lost somewhere while on vacation. Most travel-lovers choose the beach for leisure. On the horizon, the blue waters of the sea swept away all the fatigue of life, so that the tourists had to stay on the beaches to get a new start. There are some wonderfully beautiful beaches in different

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Top Most Famous Colorful Festivals in the world

Top 10 Most Famous Colorful Festivals in the world

When we hear about festivals, our minds dance with joy. To get the release from monotonous, working loads, or to pass the close time with the family members and friends, the festival is an excellent way from ancient times! All kinds of festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world to spread their religion,

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cleanest lakes in the world

Top 5 cleanest lakes in the world!

Only 3 percent of the salt and freshwater lakes or reservoirs around the world are completely transparent. Usually, such a lake may not be visible. And that is why every year there are numerous tourist crowds in these places in search of a transparent lake Some of them travel for swimming or diving purposes, while

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khagrachari Travel Mate

Travel Khagrachari’s Top 7 Attractive Places – A To Z Guideline

The God has inadvertently decorated the hilly district of Khagrachari. It can be distinguished by its unique characteristics. There is the diversity of the plains and tribal cultures of the vast plains— with the combination of Chengi and Maine valleys. Wherever the see you will find only the green fields. Thus the Khagrachari Hill District,

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