Bhutan Travel Guide From Dhaka Bangladesh: Everything


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Bhutan is the sole country that is carbon-neutral around the globe. The ideal timing to travel to Bhutan is between September and December. Bhutan provides no-cost visas upon arrival when you hold a Bangladeshi passport, which means you won’t have any issues when it comes to obtaining the visa. However, if you intend to travel to By Road, you have got an entry visa for transit from India. If you have four travelers, it’s possible to travel to Punakha and Thimphu comfortably By Road for just 13000-15000 Taka in total.

Bhutan has an estimated population of 8 lakhs. Let the citizens of each city know about that everyone. The name of the dress that is traditional in this country is Gho and the dress is worn all the time.

Attractive destinations of Bhutan

Bhutan is situated in the middle of India between India and China. A country that is full of natural beauty is believed to be the happiest country in Asia. Bhutan is among the happiest countries around the globe. Travelers from around the globe come every year to enjoy the stunning landscapes, the stunning mountains, the old tradition and culture of living. The most famous sights in Bhutan.

#1. Paro: Paro is the name given to an immense valley that lies near the point of confluence between the Chu and Wang Chu rivers. The river that flows through the middle of the valley is a magnet for tourists. It is also regarded as a tourist spot due to the reasons of culture and history. It is also home to the country’s sole international airport.

#2. Ha Valley: It is located to the southwest of Paro, Ha Valley is one of the smallest and distant districts within Bhutan. The forests are ancient and alpine and hills. This area was the ancestral residence of the queen’s mother. The area is fascinating for those who enjoy a hike in the mountains.


#3. Punakha: Punakha was the capital of Bhutan between 1836 and 1908. The place’s history is very important. The two major rivers of Bhutan are that of the Fu Chu and the Mo Chu merge into the valley. Punakha Administrative Center is located at an elevation of 12,000m above the level of Punakha.

#4. Thimphu: Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan located in the western portion of the nation. Thimphu is distinct from the capitals of any other country since there is no airport there. In this regard, Thimphu relies on Paro located about 55 kilometers away. Thimphu is the third most populated Capital city on the globe. There are plenty of nightclubs, restaurants and shopping malls. Despite the modernization, it is still a city that has its old-fashioned heritage. The top tourist attractions in Thimphu are Changangkha Lakhang, National Folklore Museum as well as Simtokha Jajang.

#5. Funtsoling: The most populated city located in Bhutan is Funtsoling. It is the primary commercial, industrial, and financial region of Bhutan. The border between Funtsoling and Bhutan from India. The people, culture, living, and landscapes of the area easily draw visitors while strolling on this road. This city also is recognized as an entry point to Bhutan to trade with India.

#6. Phobjikha Valley: Phobjikha Valley, or Gangte Valley located 135 kilometers far from Thimphu, Bhutan, at an altitude of 3000 meters 60 km from Punakha. It is shaped like a U. Phobzika Valley, located across vast areas in the Ganges region in central Bhutan is actually a protected wetland, and also an official Ramsar site. There is a Phobzika Valley, located just beneath the Ganges Cave, which is the winter home for the Black Naked Crane, a rare bird species. Many birds flock here each year, attracted by the tiny bamboo grasses that grow in the valley. Bhutanese believe that this bird is sacred and an indicator of luck.

#7. Wangdue Phodrang: Wangdue Phodrang is a little-known beautiful hill station situated 60 km away from Thimphu and 18 kilometers from Punakha. It is located in the Wangditang Chu River flows through the valley, at an altitude of 1300 meters. There is a how farmers are farming step-by-step throughout the hills. On the highest point of the hill, you will see Wangdi’s Fodrong Dzong. If you look from a distance Dzong appears to be suspended above the water.

Jung T was built in 1838 by King Habdrung Gawang Namgyal whose mummy remains preserved at Punakha Jung. You can show your permit at the entry point of the gorgeous bridge that runs across the Wangditang Chu River. When you cross over the bridge and then enter into the town you will be able to see the main road leading to Wangdi Fodrong. There are numerous bamboo sheet and stone shops there. Highways have been constructed across both the banks.

#8. Bumthang is located 260 kilometers from Thimphu. Bumthang is located at an elevation of eight and fifty thousand feet is like a paradise. “Boom” means the vessel used to store the water at the altars of god and ‘thang’ is a reference to a valley. Bumthang is considered to be a sacred site for Buddhists.


The most significant jungles in Bhutan palaces, temples, and temples are situated in Bumthang. Have a look at Wangdicholing Palace, Jambe Lakhyang Temple, and the biggest Bhutanese Jakar Jung. Walk along the river and explore what’s in the Hot Spring Area. Blue Ship, Musk Deer, and the Himalayan bears are visible in this region. Bumthang can be the one spot Jakarta in Jakarta where you can find decent eateries.

Visit Bhutan starting from Dhaka Bangladesh

Bhutan is a gorgeous country as depicted in the photo and is often referred to as the country of happy people. The distance to Bangladesh from Bangladesh to Bhutan is just 622 kilometers. Similar to this. Therefore, in a relatively brief time span, you could take a plane flight or a bus. There are two kinds of experiences, in two different ways. However, regardless of how your travel, should are planning to go to Bhutan make a plan quickly. In this episode, I’ll tell you some of the basics concerning Bhutan travel. We don’t be confused about where to stay and what to do to visit Bhutan the country of mountains that is surrounded by nature.

Bhutan is among the nations that tourists are required to pay the most expensive travel costs. International travelers visiting Bhutan were required to pay 250 per day to cover different fees. However, as Bhutan is a SAARC country, visitors coming from Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives weren’t charged the travel cost. A new draft policy is expected to go into effect in a quick time and as a result of which tourists from the region will be required to pay approximately Rs 1,400 per person, per day. In the end, the price of traveling to Bhutan will go up many times.

The best way to get to Bhutan is via flight

If you are planning to travel to Bhutan via plane there is no requirement to apply for a visa prior to departure. Citizens of Bangladesh receive visas to arrive in Bhutan. Druk Air operates only one flight per day that connects Bangladesh to Bhutan. The cost of tickets varies from time to time. The typical price is between 20,000 and 22,000 Taka per person. The only airport that is international within Bhutan is Paro.

How to get to Bhutan via road

If you are planning to travel to Bhutan via route, you’ll first require a transit visa from India. Because Bhutan does not share a border with Bangladesh. From Dhaka, one can access the border via Burimari or Chengrabandha border. From there, you can enter Bhutan via taxi or bus through the Bhutan border Joygaon or Funtsholing. In this scenario, it will take about 24 hours. However, the benefit is that the price is very low, and you get to take in the stunning scenery on the way. Also, If you have the time, you can go to the Funtsholing region in a single day.

The most appropriate timing to travel

The ideal time to travel to Bhutan is from September to November. Since it doesn’t rain during this period, the skies are clear and the weather is pleasant and it’s not too cold. The winter months in Bhutan become extremely frigid and the roads are shut. People who wish to take pleasure in the snow and see the snowfall may return in winter if they would like.

But, it’s best to avoid visiting during the season of rain. Because there’s plenty of rain during the season that is rainy. However, the period between September and November is the most popular time to visit Bhutan which means that everything becomes more expensive. Many travelers from various countries arrive during this period. It could take a while to explore.

Bhutan is a nation of 36,394 square kilometers, is home to 20 cities. If you plan to travel through the entirety of Bhutan in a very slow and healthy way it should take approximately one month. But, some cities such as Thimphu, Funtsholing, Punakha, Paro, Galefu, Samadrup Jhangkar can be visited to get a feel for the entire country of Bhutan. For the latter, you could plan an itinerary of 10 days.

Estimated cost

Someone from Bangladesh is able to visit Bhutan for between 15,000 and 20,000 Taka when traveling via road. However, the price of travel will depend on the kind of hotel you’re staying at, the type of food you’re eating, and the length of time you’re staying. I’ll be able to provide an estimate of fixed expenses like travel costs as well as visa processing fees and so on. in the following episodes of this post.

A few tips for travelers to Bhutan

  • The Bhutanese people Bhutan are tranquil and religious. Every nation has its own culture and rules. Prior to visiting any place or country, it is essential to be aware of the important details there.
  • Similar to any other country should you wish to visit Bhutan at a lower cost then consider traveling during the off-season. When the time was right, flights or hotel prices, taxi fares were cheaper.
  • Bangladesh timing and Bhutan time are exactly the same. The Bhutanese people Bhutan are extremely comfortable. The food stores are closed prior to 10 am. If you are planning to visit a restaurant early in the morning, you should purchase some food items that are dry at the market the night before and consume them the next early morning.
  • Restaurants and shops close at 8 pm. Also, eat dinner in time. If you don’t, you’ll have to go on a night and not eat.
  • In Bhutan India, the Indian Rupee as well as their own currency Gultram have identical values and are able to be traded with any of them.
  • The climate in Bhutan is slightly cooler than in Bangladesh. Make sure to wear lightweight winter clothing regardless of what time it is. If it’s winter, you must pack very heavy winter clothes.
  • It is not permissible to walk through some areas of the palace wearing a cap, hat, or umbrella over your head. Similar rules apply to any monastery or temple.
  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Bhutan’s monarch, royal family, or religious beliefs.
  • The roads in Bhutan are well-maintained, so don’t overlook to put anything down in the roadway. It could cost you a lot of dollars.
  • Bhutan is a completely smoke-free nation. Make sure to not smoke in public places or in hotel rooms.
  • Always ensure that you cross the road using a crossing with a zebra.
  • Always make sure to wear an entire sleeve dress, including pants that extend to the ankles. Since you aren’t allowed to go to any monastery or temple after wearing shorts with three quarters and a half sleeves.

Are You Looking To Travel to Bhutan from Bangladesh

Bhutan is an ideal destination to take a family or group trip. The beauty of this area will leave you with awe. However, you are able to return in about two to three weeks of visiting the place. We hope that you will be able to go there to Bhutan on an affordable budget. If you’re planning to visit Bhutan in a safe manner and enjoy the country with more pleasure, Travel Mate can assist in arranging your trip. Please contact us for more details. In addition, you can include any information that is missing in the comments section. Enjoy your travels.

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