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Singapore is a tiny island nation located in Southeast Asia, full of contemporary architectural style and beauty. Singapore is situated close to Singapore Malay Peninsula. Singapore’s port is the largest commercial port anywhere in the world. Singapore is the most luxurious destination in South Asia. When you arrive at Singapore Airport, you will be amazed to discover that it is one of the most beautiful airports around the globe. You don’t have to wait for hours in frustrating situations such as a private car, bus or traffic signals, or even traffic jams. Beautiful trees that line every side makes your travel more pleasant.

It’s a small town where it would take you a whole week to travel everywhere and explore all the sights. There is however an enormous spinning wheel known as Singapore Flyer that is easily visible in a single glance. However, before you do that, be aware of the exact location of Singapore is in order to avoid something that could be overlooked.

Short History of Singapore

Singapore was granted independence from the British In 1963, Singapore gained independence from the British yet was still an integral part of Malaysia. Because of differences of opinion, they split from Malaysia in 1965 and then established their own sovereign state. In 1965, there was nothing to talk about regarding Singapore. Singapore was considered to be a fishing hub. A majority of people in the time were not educated with fishing as their sole source of income. The 716 sq km area was, in a nutshell, it was a fishing center afflicted by poverty and crime.

There’s nothing to be said about this small city-state. Resources from nature are the one important factor in the development of Singapore. If you believe this, it’s a matter of that we mention that there are any natural resources found in Singapore. There was a law-and-order situation that was extremely bad due to the internal disputes with both the Malays as well as the Chinese. In a nutshell, there was a massive distinction between then Singapore and current Singapore. At the time nobody believed that Singapore could ever overcome this disaster and join an elite group of nations.

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Advancement of Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first premier was given the task of overcoming the current crisis and taking the country ahead. The man is said to be the founder of modern Singapore. In 1965 Lee Kuan Yew played an important role in the process of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. Following that, he took over the reins of the nation with a firm hand. Through his tenacity and determination, Singapore slowly began to follow the path of light. He began by establishing the law and order in Singapore and reducing the crime rate. He then devised a complete strategy to make use of the country’s most resourceful people. He believed in human integrity more than any other thing, more than merit. He felt that human education and talent had no value when he wasn’t honest.

In the course of just a few years, it was possible to reduce the rate of unemployment to 3 percent, and the growth rate climbed to 8 percent. Ku Wan’s visionary insight led to the fact that Singapore began to manufacture computer parts in the late 1980s. Singapore Changi Airport was opened in 1981 to promote tourists to visit Singapore and Singapore Airlines was established. Following that, they didn’t have to think about it again.

Attractive places in Singapore

Today, through the timely plan and decision making they have brought their country to an extent that it’s an attractive destination for travelers from all over the world. Now, we will look at the various features of Singapore travel, tourist spots of Singapore, as well as some of the most innovative changes they have made.

#1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa is an amazing area in the south of Singapore. It is impossible to predict what time it will be over. After hours, you can spend in these places. There are numerous galleries fascinating things to look at amusement parks and many other things to do. There are also fantastic resorts and universal studios, water parks, and clubhouses. It is also inside sky-driving.

#2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stunningly beautiful garden. It is the Sir Stamford Raffles Garden that was established in 1822. But later his vol changed. A large number of tourists from both the home and overseas are present. The Botanic Gardens is one of the well-known tourist spots in Singapore. The Botanic Gardens comprise Singapore’s National Orchid Garden Singapore.

The National Orchid Garden was inaugurated in 1995 by President Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of Singapore. It’s located on three hectares of land. It is home to around 1000 orchid species and a variety of hybrids. One of the most striking aspects of this garden is the range of trees and colors mixtures of orchids. The majority of visitors prefer to walk around the garden. There are also luxury buses that cater to the most discerning travelers from abroad and home that pick up and drop off passengers up at the Orchid Garden. There are numerous cafes and restaurants which are well-arranged to blend in with the natural surroundings to ensure that they don’t appear unnatural. The public toilet in the garden is adorned with flowers and plants. it’s like it is part of a garden.

It is popular for wedding photography, post-wedding and pre-wedding. There are a variety of education and information centers that can assist you in learning about the natural environment, nature orchids, plants, and the beauty of nature.

#3. Jurong Bird Park

The park covers an enormous area. It is the biggest park in Singapore but as well throughout Asia. There are 49 parks in Singapore. More than 5000 species of birds reside. It is one of the most entertaining centers. The most popular attraction can be found at Avira Falls. The surrounding is so stunning that you’ll be captivated.

#4. Maxwell Food Center

Maxwell Food Center is just a short stroll from Chinatown. You will be able to taste authentic Singapore food. It has a restaurant room with two rows of food stores on the street. A lot of tourists stop here to eat or wait in the queue for food. Food is similar to Chinatown and has a variety of juices. We looked over the photos and then ordered food. The food is decent in taste.

#5. Chinatown

You can visit Chinatown for sightseeing or shopping. Chinatown as soon as you exit the MRT station. There is no assurance that you’ll get anything to purchase. There are many street food items that are sold on the streets like especially huge shrimps, beef kebabs soup, seafood, Malayalam, noodles, tom yam soup, etc.

#6. Telok Ayer Market

It also serves as a food court on the streets. Take a train to Telok Ayer or Downtown Station and walk a few minutes. There is a huge crowd of hungry tourists in the area. The crowds in this food court are bigger than the streets outside. The tastiest dish in this hawker center will be Chicken State, which is something you must try. It is a great dish to enjoy. Once you are at this restaurant, your nose will be filled with the fragrant aroma and smoke from the ‘Sate’ dish cooking. Alongside the usual seafood, such as shrimp, beef and chicken are also readily available. There are other street food options like seafood eggs, egg sam, and crispy rice, and fried.

#7. Merlion Park

The Merlion Park, also known as lion-fish, is the symbol of Singaporean pride and is a symbol of bravery. There is a legend that says that some time back in the past, when Singapore was called Temasek as well as Sea City, a severe storm struck the island. The moment the residents surrendered their dreams to God’s hands God the lion-fish-like creature was spotted in the sea and fought the storm and saved people. The lionfish called Merlion is an icon of the pride and courage of Singaporeans. Merlion‘s statue Marilyn is situated at Merlion Park, Marina Bay.

#8. Bugis Street

Close to Bugis station. This is the place to go shopping for a bargain. It’s pretty big. Clothes, T-shirts, toys, watches, souvenirs, etc. are readily available. Also, you can bargain for the most affordable price. Highly recommended for shopping. There is a juice shop near the front entrance. Many juices, Street food vendors, beauty salons, and fish spas are on the upper levels at the top of the markets.

#9. Marina Bay

There is a stunning laser show is on the horizon in Marina Bay at night. Marina Bay Sands, or MBS for short, is a state-of-the-art resort complex in Singapore. Built in 2010, the 57-story Marina Bay Sands is one of the most expensive structures in the world. Marina Bay Sands has residential hotels, showrooms of all the best brands in the world, artificial ice skating courts, restaurants, convention centers, theaters, gymnasiums, shopping malls, casinos, arts science museums, and Marina Bay Sands Skypark. The whole of Singapore can be seen at a glance from Skypark.

#10. ION Orchard Mall

Get off at Orchard MRT Station. It’s located in a 56-story structure. Everything from the top brands from around the world is available in this place. An iconic shopping destination in Singapore. The food court is located on one floor. On the upper floors, there’s a sky deck located on the 56th floor in which you must take an elevator to the art gallery on the fourth floor. If you purchase more than 20 si, you can phone Sky toll-free.

#11. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a road approximately 2.2 kilometers long. There are numerous iconic shopping centers on this street. For example, Orchard Central, ION Orchard Mall, Paragon Shopping Center, Plaza Singapore, etc. They are beautiful to view. It is recommended to go to Orchard Road once to visit.

Travel and environment in Singapore

Singapore is currently the 22nd most prosperous nation in the world and has left behind all the suffering. Singapore is fourth in Asia for quality of living. Eighty-three percent live in better housing estates. These numbers demonstrate that Singapore is not lower than any other developed nation in Europe currently.

One of the aspects that will be the most fascinating about developed Singapore is the freedom and secure woman’s movement on the streets. There are laws that work in this area. If a man makes an inappropriate look at a woman the woman may file a complaint against him. It is imperative to take action so that the person is not able to repeat the offense. Many police officers in white robes are scattered in the streets of the city to investigate these cases.

Another plus is the cleanliness in this area. It is a crime punishable to dump dirt everywhere. If anyone is found guilty of this in retaliation, you must perform the job of cleaning the area for a day and attend the cleanliness seminar!

Who wouldn’t want to go to a country totally free of corruption, is clean and well-developed! If you’re looking for the taste of European travel, then Singapore could be an ideal location for you to visit at a reasonable cost. This is the reason Singapore is a well-known destination for travelers from Bangladesh and around the world. Let’s get some details about traveling to Singapore.

When should you go to Singapore?

Because of its position located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has humid and hot temperatures throughout the year. This is the reason why you can visit Singapore at any time of the year.

From July through October, Singapore is the city with the largest amount of tourists. At this time, you’ll be able to participate in many festivals and other events. Some of these include the renowned Singapore Sale Festival and Food Festival. From February through April, the crowds are smaller and the weather is cool. The rainy season in Singapore runs from November until January. The rain is plentiful in this period. If you’re looking to avoid rain, it’s best to stay away from Singapore in this period.


One of the first things that pop into your mind when thinking of traveling outside of Singapore is the issue of a visa. Singapore is currently issuing e-visas for Bangladeshis and encourages Bangladeshis to apply for visas. Therefore it’s hassle-free and easy to have the visa through a high-quality travel agent instead of making it your own.

Travel tips

Singapore has always been hot. The clothes you choose should bear that in mind. The entirety of Singapore can be safely traveled as per local regulations and rules. It is recommended to carry the necessary medications and sunglasses, as well as caps. The law against littering can’t be neglected. It is illegal to throw dirt, spit, or other waste everywhere. The punishment for littering is taking part in an environmental awareness program on a particular day, and then assuming the responsibility of cleaning an area for the duration of a full day.

Travel Cost

Singapore is a bit expensive in every way, which is why taxi rates are high for transportation. The grave can be utilized for travel in the event of more tour participants. Grave prices are less than taxis. In addition, it’s affordable to utilize MRT for long periods. It might be a bit a difficult one at first, but once you experience it, you’ll be comfortable.

However there is a requirement that the MRT must be cut off from the ticket machine, and then at the cutting device for tickets on the display, there is a diagram of where and how the train will be taking the route it will take. Therefore, don’t make a rush to the first location cutting the ticket. An automatic Return Journey is given to the machine in the course of regular ticketing. Butt can also be a choice of a single trip. They also offer a smart bus service, and one card at a go is available for purchase with a predetermined amount of money to allow long-distance trips on the buses. A similar type of card can also be purchased for MRT.

Mobile SIM

Singtel as well as M1 is the SIM most commonly utilized by travelers. Bookings can be made on the internet at the airport. Additionally, SIMs will be available along the streets around Mostafa Center. The cost is six Singapore dollars. Singtel Hi Prepaid SIM card, 1.5 GB internet, 30 days validity. The balance is rechargeable. SIM card with 12 days validity, 100GB data, and thirty Singapore dollars.

How to travel to Singapore?

Biman Bangladesh, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Airlines, Tiger Airlines, and AirAsia Airlines have daily flights starting from Dhaka. The price for return flights ranges from 30 to the amount of 48 000 Taka. Monorail and MRT are well-known vehicles in Singapore. It is possible to travel from one place to the next at a cost of dd 2-3. If you are traveling for the first time, get a taxi. Marina Bay Sands 15 15-20 from the airport. Sentosa Mer 10-10 minutes 15 minutes away from Marina Bay. Jurong Bird Park from Sentosa 15-15. Little India j 15-20 from Jurong Bird Sanctuary.

Where can I stay in Singapore from Dhaka?

Stays for the night on Marina Bay and Sentosa are costly. Little India is the ideal option for travelers on a budget. Arianna Hotel located in Little India Area can be tested. The hotel is very good on a budget, and its primary benefit is the fact that it is located right next to The Mostafa Center. It is possible to book ahead by calling You can book rooms for 55 dollars and sleep with two others easily. There are a variety of accommodation options and you can discover hostels with lower prices for single travelers in the Little India Area.

Drink and eat

Singapore is a popular destination for tourists from nearly all nations in the world each year. Food from every region can be found here. If you are considering halal meals, Little India Place is an ideal place to rid yourself of the common concerns. There are a variety of high-quality Bangladeshi restaurants that offer Halal-friendly food. Other than certain restaurants in Dhaka it is possible to locate all the food items that aren’t accessible in Bengali at a reasonable price. For instance, you can see a variety of local fish species various beef dishes as well as local dishes that include curd. In addition, you can find Kebabs in Pakistani Turkish restaurants quite cheaply in accordance with Singapore. On 4-4-5 in Singapore, it is possible to get a great meal at these authentic Bengali eateries. There are also street food vendors in Little India. Little India area just by walking around.

Singapore Consulate/Embassy in Dhaka

Ventura Avenue, 5th floor, 8/B Gulshan Avenue,(Bir Uttam Mir Showkat Sharak), 1212, Dhaka, Bangladesh


+880-298-80404, +880-298-80337



Want To Travel Singapore from Bangladesh

Singapore is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three weeks by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Singapore within a tight budget. If you want to travel to Singapore with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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