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Do you want to travel to Sri Lanka from Dhaka Bangladesh? In short, Sri Lanka is a land that is rich in beauty and diversity in South Asia. Its official name is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island nation located in South Asia. Prior to 1972, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon. Its capital city is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Its capital city is Colombo. The stunning beaches, with their natural beauty and the rich heritage of the culture, have been able to make Sri Lanka very attractive to travelers from all over the world.

It is situated 31 kilometers away from the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka has been known as a holy place for Buddhists from the beginning of time. The Sinhalese group is the largest people living in this nation. Sri Lanka is famous for the exports and production of coffee, tea, coconut, and rubber. Beaches, scenery, and the rich heritage of culture in Sri Lanka have made Sri Lanka popular with travelers from all over the world. Sri Lanka is the only non-Muslim nation that is in existence. Azan was aired five times on television and radio.

Travel to Sri Lanka From Dhaka

The airport for international flights is located just outside of the capital city, Colombo. After arriving at Bandaranaike International Airport, the journey to Sri Lanka actually started. Colombo is Sri Lanka’s capital and biggest city in Sri Lanka. The population is estimated to be 1 million. West coasts are the most frequented by tourists visiting Sri Lanka. The west coast is home to the highest number of hotels and resorts across the country.

Before going to the list of attractive places in Sri Lanka, Let’s discuss food, weather as well as some others things. Then we will know the tourist spots in Srilanka.

Special food items

Dolly and Dosa Those and Dolly Those are available at all times. In Sri Lanka the rice and curry are offered in hotels There are also hotels on the other side of the road which look just like this. The sole difference is that Idli-those, as well as various varieties of curry, are offered. There are a few. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, you should take a bite at least once. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance for it, stand back and observe how the food is prepared. With two knives sharp with two hands, you can make an ingredient by cooking bread, eggs, and a few vegetables in the hot pan.

Weather in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is almost identical all year round. The lowland and coastal regions are characterized by an average of 26-30 degrees Celsius. The temperatures are generally moderate (18-22 inches) in high-altitude regions such as Kandy. The humidity can be high all through the year.

When to go to Sri Lanka

The weather is very pleasant due to the geographical position that is in Sri Lanka. The climate of Sri Lanka is mild because of the seas surrounding it. The region is heavily flooded in the months of October and November. Therefore, it is best to stay clear of the period. The months of December to March are the ideal season to visit Sri Lanka.

How to go to Sri Lanka From Dhaka?

If you are in Dhaka it is possible to fly direct from Dhaka Colombo or, if you wish to save money, you can fly to India. If you do, then you need to include a double entry visa for India into your travel document. In this situation, you will need to obtain an invitation to the Sri Lankan High Commission in Dhaka.

If you’d like to travel via air, you could fly from Dhaka to Sri Lanka from Dhaka on Air India, Jet Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Malind Air, SriLankan Airways, and numerous other airlines.

Popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka

Among dozens of attractive places, you will first hear the name Negamba, Beruola, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Adams Peak, Sigiriya Rock, National Museum of Sri Lanka. If you’re looking to visit Sri Lanka without the crowds and appreciate the beauty of nature The north-facing side of Colombo is the ideal choice for you. The natural beauty and the wildlife that is found in Lake Kalpitia and Wilpattu National Park will captivate you.

Sri Lanka Tourist Spots


Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most sought-after tourist spots within Sri Lanka. One of the most distinctive aspects of the Sigiriya Castle’s design is the way it was built upon a square module. There are remnants of castles made of red stone and old palaces, with gardens, reservoirs, and other structures from the past. There is the park.


Trincomalee is the second most beautiful natural harbor in the world following Sydney. The city is the capital city of the Eastern Province. The former LTTE Chief Minister Pilayan is currently in prison for the murder of a political foe. There’s Navy House, Elephant Point. The location of Elephant Point, 12-inch British artillery kept the enemy at bay for more than 100 years. Nilaveli Beach is to the north of Trincomalee. Space costs here are among the highest anywhere in the world.

Nuwara Eliya

It is located 175 kilometers away from the capital city of Colombo, Mini England or Nuwara Eliya is a well-known tourist destination. Tourists visit this famous tea area to enjoy a tranquil area, a bit far from the bustle of Colombo.


Polonnaruwa is situated 210 km northeast of Colombo’s old capital city, Colombo. In 1972, the city was designated as a World Heritage Site. The utilization of Sanskrit along with the Sinhala language in ancient sites and antiquities of the area is remarkable.


Another city that is famously located in Sri Lanka is Kandy. It is believed to be the second-largest city in Sri Lanka and the capital of culture. It is also the place where the largest and most vibrant festival in Sri Lanka “Esala Perahera” is celebrated. Kandy is home to The Temple of Tooth, The Old Well Palace Compound, Lankatilka Temple. Kandy is known as the capital of culture in Sri Lanka. The southwestern part of the south of Kandy has located at the most affluent point in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. It can be described as the central point for the one-of-a-kind tea business in the country.


Anuradhapura is considered to be the oldest town within Sri Lanka. Its history spans 2500 years old. The city was once the capital city of Sri Lanka in 380 BC. The palace that was once there came to light in the 19th-century and was later restored. The castle portion of the palace is an architectural constructed during the colonial era in Portugal. The palace is currently home to its Parliament of Sri Lanka, the Secretariat and the Bank and the Shop and the Department of Tourism, and the Air and Shipping Company. In the area. There are stunning colorful flowers. If you visit this area there are row upon row of coconuts, and many Crows. The beach area is adjacent to the zone. The beach area offers a stunning sea view from the beach.

Dambulla Royal Cave Temple and Golden Temple

Another term for this location could be Golden Temples Dambulla. The site is located 148km away from Colombo. The area was declared a World Heritage Site in 1991. 72 kilometers north of Kandy, the location is located within central Sri Lanka. In all of the Lankans, these temples are among the most well-preserved. The cave temple is located 160 meters higher than the hill. At present, the caves of 80 have been recorded. All of the artworks and statues on the wall are based on the life and life of Gautam Buddha. The total number of 153 Buddha statues and 3 kings from Sri Lanka and 4 sculptors of Hindu gods and goddesses. The sculptures cover an area of 2100 square meters. In the cave paintings, Gautam Buddha is depicted as an evil woman called “Mara” who tried to derail his mind by displaying greed and deceit. Also, there is a representation of the first words spoken by the Buddha.

National Museum of Sri Lanka

When you visit Sri Lanka, you must go to the National Museum. If you don’t go to this, your trip will be a waste of time. The museum was established in 1877. Many archeological artifacts from various time periods in the development of Sri Lanka are kept here. For instance, copper pots as well as jade, carved stones porcelain pots, and beautiful artifacts. If you go to the museum, you will discover the extensive story and rich culture of Sri Lanka. The museum houses the stone sculpture. It is believed that the sculpture was created in the course of the visit by Cheng Ho, a Chinese Ming Dynasty tourist in 1409 to Sri Lanka. Additionally, the museum has more than 4,000 holy books and texts from the past regarding Buddhism.

Barella Resort

Barella Resort is located 56 kilometers to the south of Colombo. In the last few years, several new hotels are being built on it and the tourist zone has been improved. The area was sad, hit significantly in the aftermath of the tsunami of 2004. The natural surroundings as they were spectacular with the clear ocean as well as the stunning beaches and palm trees.


Negombo is a well-known beach town located in Sri Lanka that offers ample spaces for tourists to relax and unwind. There are gorgeous beaches as well as fresh air and plenty of resorts to relax in. This beach town is private and tranquil than Colombo’s city. 

Adams Peak

Adams Peak is located in the Ratnapura district of Sripada province, which lies on the southwest frontier of Sri Lanka. This is not only for Muslims, but Hindus, Christians, Buddhists – this peak is also considered sacred by the religious followers of the three faiths. Everybody believes that our father Hazrat Adam (AS) was born either directly or into the heavens upon the mountain Adam. The top is covered in lush greenery with occasional hills. There are many streams and mountain springs that surround the summit of the hill. Overall an amazing natural landscape makes your mind happy.

Special food items

Eidali and Dosa and Dosa Thosa are readily available and Katturoti is also available. If you visit Sri Lanka, you should take a bite of Katturoti.

N.B. Do not harm the environment by putting around with chips, bags of chips, water bottles, and other indigestible items in the designated area. The world is mine and yours, and it is my duty to maintain and keep my country and make the world beautiful, and you and yours. 

Address of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Dhaka:

High Commission for the Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka
House # 15, Road # 50, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Telephone: 8810779, Fax: 8823971

To apply for a visa online, visit this website:

Want To Travel Sri Lanka from Bangladesh

Sri Lanka is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Sri Lanka within a tight budget. If you want to travel to Sri Lanka with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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