Darjeeling Travel Guideline From Dhaka Bangladesh: Everything

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Darjeeling is situated to the west of West Bengal, India is known for its natural beauty tea, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The popularity of Darjeeling has increased during the period of its time in the British Raj, especially when it became their capital city during summer. In the past, Darjeeling was the oldest Gorkha capital. Later, the Maharaja of Sikkim gave Darjeeling to the British. Darjeeling is becoming a favored tourist destination in India due to its stunning beauty and its pleasant climate. In addition to tourist attractions, Darjeeling is popular for its many British private schools of the British style, that attract students from all across India and even from neighboring countries.

It is an elevation that is 8,100 feet over the surface of the earth. In the foothills of the Himalayas, the region is extremely cold all the time. It is known as the land of clouds. Darjeeling is a place that is admired by the world for its beauty tea, railways, and tea. Many tourists visit Darjeeling each year to witness the stunning beauty of Kanchenjunga as well as the sunrise over Tiger Hill. The people of Darjeeling love eating rice and lentils with beef. Other local favorites include Mom (cakes made with meat or other vegetables) Thupka (a thick soup made of noodles and meat) Gandrak (fermented mustard leaves) and Chang (local bean).

The places of interest in Darjeeling

Darjeeling has been regarded as the ideal location for relaxation since the time of British rule, due to its distinctive appearance and pleasant climate. It is not just the beauty of nature, but the many educational institutions in Darjeeling and draws students from Asia as well. There are many places that are worth visiting in Darjeeling that are both large and small.

  1. Relax at the most luxurious railway station in the world.
  2. It is an amazing sunrise view from the summit of a hill at about 10,000 feet higher than sea levels.
  3. The Darjeeling Zoo, known as the Snow Leopard, is almost gone and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.
  4. The most famous site for devotion is known as The Sleep Monastery.
  5. Tenzing-Rock Monument was the very first Everest conqueror.
  6. From one hill to the other with a car takes only 16 km in a car.
  7. Tibetan Self-Help Center, a refugee center that has been devastated by war.
  8. Relaxing in the Happy Valley Tea Garden is an amazing experience to sip the world-renowned Black Tea.
  9. Darjeeling Gorkha Stadium is a magnificent sports venue situated high up at around 8000 meters above sea level.
  10. The Darjeeling Museum bearing the signature of the Nepali nation.
  11. The world-renowned Buddhist monastic monastery known as the Japanese Temple and The Ava Art Gallery has gained a reputation for stunning artful patterns.
  12. The temple “Dirdaham Temple” and Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park.
  13. Victoria Falls is an endless flowing stream of pure water.
  14. Kanchenjunga is a wonderful gift from the Creator.
  15. The civilized culture of a nation in the country of clouds and The Mall. 

#1. Tiger Hill: Strangely beautiful views of sunsets at sunset from Tiger Hill. And, for those who visit, don’t overlook the chance to enjoy the breathtaking views from Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga from the summit of this mountain. Actually, the crowd of tourists will be gone at 5 am.


#2. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: One of the main tourist attractions of Darjeeling is the tiny steam locomotive train that travels through the mountains from New Jalpaiguri in India through the curving roads and curves of Darjeeling. The railway was the primary and the main mode of transportation across the nation. Also called”the “Darjeeling Toy Train”, the train ride is an unforgettable trip in Darjeeling. Many of us have seen beautiful scenes of this train in various movies from Kolkata or Bollywood.

#3. Batasiya Loop: Located just 5 kilometers from Darjeeling capital city Batasiya Loop is one of the most stunning trains routes in Darjeeling. A train ride through the tunnel at the top that runs through the top of the mountain can be an exciting adventure for any visitor. The natural beauty of the area is fascinating as well.

#4. Darjeeling Zoo: This 67.56 acres park is also known in the form of Himalayan Park. The mountain park has a variety of birds as well as reptiles including the Himalayan Snow Leopard, Himalayan Wolf, Clouded Leopard, Black Bear, and Red Panda. There is also the Wildlife Museum in this park is a different attraction for visitors. The entry fee for this attraction is 60 Rupees, and to use the camera you will need to pay an additional 10 rupees.

There are a variety of parks that are located in Darjeeling including Nightingale Park (where Nepali cultural festivals are held during peak tourist seasons), Darjeeling Rock Garden near the waterfall, as well as Singalia National Park.

#5. Bengal Natural History Museum: A wonderful area to explore with your loved ones. This museum is located in the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located inside the museum. The diverse species of birds and animals can be observed in this museum. You can also have the chance to capture pictures in traditional clothing at a cost of between 100-150 rupees.

#6. Happy Valley tea State: It is the second oldest tea plantation in Darjeeling founded in 1854. The beautiful tea garden provides breathtaking views of the whole city. It is a complete tea garden, is possible to also be seen tea production with the help of the guide for 100 rupees. If you’d like to go back to visit, you have the option to purchase tea leaves with tea.

#7. Pagodas and Monasteries: Among the most notable monasteries and pagodas in Darjeeling is Ghum Monastery. It is located at approximately 10,000 feet above sea level, this historic temple features a 15-foot high Buddhist Statue as well as a breathtaking sunrise. This Peace Pagoda of the four Buddhist statues that are regarded to be the symbol for peace is highly admired. The Japanese Buddhist Temple. You will be able to view several pagodas and temples constructed according to the tradition of Japanese style.

If there is time, the Tenzing-Rock memorial who was the very first Everest conqueror The Tibetan Self-Help Center, the Darjeeling Gorkha Stadium at 800 feet The Darjeeling Museum, the Ava Art Gallery, the Centennial Dirdaham Temple. You can also go to locations such as Falls.

#8. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: It is recognized as one of the most prestigious mountaineering institutes, the main purpose that the organization had was to inspire people to learn about mountaineering. Many mountaineers from all over the world visit the institute to improve their abilities. This institute is gaining the attention of many as a destination for tourists. The views of Kanchenjunga which is the third-highest mountain in the world from this institution are amazing.

#9. Other Darjeeling Particular Attractions: Darjeeling Rope Way, 5500 feet, to 16 kg cable car ride through the tea gardens, River Rafting in Teesta, and trekking.

Time to travel at Darjeeling 

The ideal weather for Darjeeling is between April and June and October through December. These seven months offer the best stunning season to travel to Darjeeling. So, The best time to visit Darjeeling is spring and autumn. In Darjeeling, spring lasts from March to April, while autumn lasts from September to November.

How to get to Darjeeling

From the bus station in Dhaka: If you plan to travel via road and get a visa, it will depend on the port you travel through. If you are able to obtain the visa through Phulbari and you are in need of to travel via train that goes from Phulbari towards Siliguri Junction after the immigration operation in Siliguri Junction. Banglabandha frontier is located in Panchagarh. If you are a citizen of the country through Chengrabandha then you must travel to Siliguri via bus from Changrabanda after the immigration at Burimari border with Lalmonirhat in Dhaka. Whatever way you choose you can purchase a Tata Sumo or Commander Jeep ticket from Siliguri Jeep Station to Darjeeling and drive straight to Darjeeling. It takes about two and an hours to get to Darjeeling by car from Siliguri.

By Air from Dhaka: If you want to fly from Dhaka, you have to go by Dhaka-Kolkata-Bagdogra flight. When you arrive at Bagdogra International Airport, passengers are able to hire a taxi for Darjeeling.

Kolkata to Darjeeling Travel From Dhaka

If you wish to travel via trains between Kolkata to Darjeeling you can collect your tickets from the counter which is a nice palace set aside for tourists. The nearest railway station for Darjeeling is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. The distance from the railway station up to Darjeeling is six kilometers. Darjeeling Mail train leaves Sealdah railway station at 7:15 pm. The train will arrive at New Jalpaiguri station at 10 am the next morning. From Jalpaiguri station, you will be able to reach Siliguri jeep station via Rickshaw, and then reach Darjeeling via Tata Sumo or Commander jeeps headed to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Tour Plan from Dhaka

The concept of a small and cost-effective tour to visit Darjeeling.  We encourage you to contact the Travel Mate team for better planning on the Darjeeling tour from Dhaka. 

Day 1: Departure Dhaka to Burimari via night bus (non AC/AC bus)

Day 2: Leave at Burimari in the morning, take a healthy breakfast. After customs and immigration work then takes a shared or reserved jeep, or bus from Siliguri. After lunch, take a trip to Darjeeling and a reserved shared Tata Sumo that lasts for around 3-to-3 and an hour and a half. After you check-in at the hotel, refresh yourself and explore the city later in the afternoon.

Day 3: After getting up early and eating breakfast, reserve a jeep to explore the attractions in Darjeeling city. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. Return to your hotel prior to the evening. You can enjoy the remainder of the night as you like. If you’ve got shopping to do or other things to do take care of it. In the evening, eat dinner and then go to bed earlier.

Day 4: Go on the jeep ride to Tiger Hill. Enjoy the sunrise from Tiger Hill and take in the stunning panorama of Kanchenjunga the 3rd most awe-inspiring mountain on earth. After that, you can check out to see if there’s anything to look at. You can then travel to Siliguri. At the border, from Siliguri and go through customs and immigration work, and board the Dhaka bus at night.

Costs of travel from Dhaka to Darjeeling

What price will it cost will depend on the date you’re going to and how long you plan to stay in, the type of hotel you’ll be staying in, and how much you’ll spend on food. Many of these issues. If you consider the average budget of traveling between Dhaka to Darjeeling in a hotel and eating out for five nights and four days (staying three nights in Darjeeling) could cost anywhere from 15,000-18,000 BDT per person. If you’re looking to travel cheaply it is possible to travel with small groups of people. If you add all of the above such as sharing a jeep, staying in the hotel, drinking, and eating you can travel between 10000 and 12000 Taka (BDT) per head. If you plan to stay for 2 nights instead of 3 and the cost is decreased.

Where can you stay in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling offers a range of homestays and hotels for residents. Hotels that are budget-friendly are Hotel Tower View, Dejong Retreat, Everest Glory, Hotel Everest Glory, Mountain Soul Benu, and more. You will have accommodation for two persons from 600 to 800.

With smaller money, travelers can enjoy homestays like the New Singalia Homestay, Homestay Fraternity, Homestayor Mountain for Tk 900-2000.

When you book rooms online, make sure to check websites like booking.com, hotels.com, Expedia. There are many hotels that meet your requirements. Also, you can read reviews and other facilities on these websites to get the details of any hotel.

Where to eat in Darjeeling

The Darjeeling locals are fond of eating lentils and beef together with rice. In the various restaurants, you can discover Thai, Indian or Bengali cuisine, as well as the local cuisine of Darjeeling in places such as Kunga, Hasty Tasty, Penang Sonam’s Kitchen, Coventer’s, Glenaris Shangri-La, Caventers, Lunar. Other dishes that are popular in Darjeeling include Gandrak (fermented mustard leaves) and mum (meat or vegetable cake) and Thupka (meat noodles, noodles, eggs, and vegetable soup thick) potato dum, the naga platter, and Chang (local beers). Don’t forget to drink special Darjeeling tea and orange in tiny earthen cups.

Shopping in Darjeeling

There are a variety of small and big markets as well as shops along Laden-La Road in Darjeeling. You can buy winter clothing such as gloves, mufflers, leather jackets, sweaters Nepali scarfs, saris leather sues, and other gifts to your loved ones from these markets. There are also souvenirs to buy and other souvenirs from a number of local shops in Tiger Hill. When it comes to buying quality tea leaves it is best to purchase from a reputable tea estate rather than the local shop. There are lower costs and also various tea leaves of different grades.

Travel tips to Darjeeling from Dhaka Bangladesh

In the monsoon time, the risk of landslides is high in Darjeeling and it is advised not to travel to Darjeeling during this time of year.

  • If you are visiting an area of tourist interest that is situated on a hill, stay clear of heels and slippers, and instead wear high-quality sandals or slippers.
  • There is a large number of tourists during the peak of the pixie season and therefore you should make reservations in advance to avoid any hassles booking a room in the hotel.
  • If you shop in an outlet that is larger in size or market than local shops in Darjeeling you will discover higher quality items and less likelihood of committing fraud.
  • When booking the hotel room in Darjeeling be sure to check if the hotel offers hot water and a heater in the room.
  • Himalayan Park is a clean and tidy park that is supervised by the appropriate authorities. So ensure that the park is as tidy as possible. Also, do not disrupt any animals in the park unnecessarily.
  • Don’t forget to convert Taka or money from government-approved dealers into rupees.

Want To Travel Darjeeling from Bangladesh

Darjeeling is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within one week by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Darjeeling within a tight budget. If you want to travel to Darjeeling with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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