Buddhist are one of the largest religious groups in the world. The tradition of Buddhism in the world are very gorgeous. In Bangladesh, in every district, there are a lot of Buddhist temples which is also known as “Pagoda”. For example, we know that Borobudur temple at Magelang, Indonesia is the largest Buddhist temple in

Where is Panam City? Panam City (Panam Nagar) is 34 km away from Dhaka and at the south-east region. It will take a 1 hour 26 minute drive to reach there. The city is in Narayanganj District in Dhaka Division. Here, we will talk about some history, present condition and most importantly how to go

Although Bangladesh is a Muslim major country, people of other faiths live here happily. They are also following their formalities without any problem. The church is primarily a religious place of Christians. This is where they come together for various ceremonies and prayers. These churches are sometimes very amazing. In Bangladesh, there are some wonderful

Hindu temple is the place of worship of Hindu deity. ‘Temple’ means ‘House of Gods’ to the Hindu community. We see hundreds of historical Hindu Temple in the world as well as Bangladesh. The temples are the ideals and religious symbols of Hinduism to bring people and deities together. According to George Mitchell, the Hindu

Hiron Point, a protected sanctuary in the southern part of the Sundarbans. Another name is Nilkamol. Located on the western bank of the river Kunga, in the Khulna Range. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site under Sundarbans. As Hiron Point is a sanctuary, this place is a safe haven for tigers, deer, monkeys, birds,

Sundarbans is a very popular name for the thirsty Adventure Travellers. Among these fascinating places of Sundarbans, Katka has always occupied a different interest in the list of tourists. Katka beach is located in the southeast corner of Sundarbans. It is about 90 km away from Mongla port. It is the main center of the

Along the newly opened Teknaf Marine Drive there are three beaches called Shamlapur, Shilkhali, and Hajampara. On the earlier time, there were no special roads for going to those beaches. It is true, there have no such opportunities like Cox’s Bazar beaches, but after the launch of Marine Drive, these beaches are now regularly visited

From Chittagong City Outer Ring road it is only a 30-foot-wide walkway. Then you will be welcomed with a variety of flowers all around you. Then there are thousands of seats to sit. After so much enjoyment you can walk on the beach, touch the saltwater of the sea. A year ago, the beach was

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Due to have a low land, the country is flooded with rivers. All the rivers are connected across the country and eventually meet at Bay of Bengal. Most of the sources of this water come from India who has a higher land, geographically. The capital Dhaka is also blessed with

Due to Mughal Empire and British East India Company reign, Bangladesh is full of rich history and resources. The Partition of Bengal and later the Independence from Pakistan has left Bangladesh with diverse culture, awakening and rebellious nation. Today, we have found out the Top 10 Historical Places in Bangladesh.      1. Lalbagh Fort: The