Sikkim: budget travel experience from Bangladesh (Cheap and Enjoyable)


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Experiencing this magical land that is completely untouched by modernization, you will be amazed at the beauty, culture, and people here.

This video is about my travel from Dhaka to Sikkim. I hope you enjoy the video and that it will help you to plan your travel from Dhaka to Sikkim as well.

The tourist state of India, Sikkim, is a source of unique beauty. It has been a long time desired to visit this beautiful state like the land of dreams. So we 6 people started the journey from Dhaka on 24th May 2022 by car at 6 pm to Sapnarajya Sikkim. Come back on June 2, 2022.

The journey to Sikkim from Dhaka starts

Our port was Phulbari, which is the Banglabandha port in Panchagarh, Bangladesh. A maximum of 300-400 people travel through this port every day. So immigration hassle is less. But in both directions, some additional expenses are to be paid apart from the travel tax. If you give it, there is no problem, if you don’t give it, it causes a little trouble. Therefore, it is better to give in order not to get into trouble.


The bus ticket from Dhaka to Banglabandha Port or Panchagarh

There are three buses daily from Dhaka to Banglabandha Port. One non-AC of Hanif, one AC of Shyamoli Paribahan, and one RM2 AC of Shyamoli Paribahan.

Besides, you will get Nabil, Ena, Hanif, Hyundai, and Scania Business Class (1:2 seats) till Panchagarh. It will take 2 hours to go to Banglabandha by local bus from Panchagarh.

Crossing the Indian border

Before entering the Indian border crossing the border, the entry must be made with the BGB. If someone has a camera, they must make an entry in advance or there may be trouble during the return. After that, the Indian BSF takes TomTom (Bangladesh battery-powered auto) to Indian Immigration, where the fare is Rs. 15 per person.


Exchanging the money and going for Gangtok 

After completing the immigration work, I changed the money to Rs. From there I went to Siliguri SNT stand by TomTom. From there I took a Bulero to Gangtok. If you go to share a jeep, you can take 250 in the same Bulero, but in that case, 2 people sit in the front and 4 people in the back, and a total of 10 people sit. Which was very difficult, we reserved a car for 6 people.

It is good to mention here that you should not enter into any kind of contract or package with any travel agency there. No meaning at all. Hire a jeep by bargaining with the driver. Because the travel agencies of Siliguri first talk sweetly and then cut their throats.

When renting a car ask to stop at Rangpo for 30 minutes for permission, although it will not take more than 15 minutes, if you do not talk in advance, the waiting charge will be deducted at will. We agreed at once not to stop watching for as long as it takes.

Permission for Gangtok 

Along with the permission seal at Rangpo they will fill out a form themselves in which your name, passport number, and visa number will be written and the number of days you are allowed to stay in Sikkim will also be written. In one word, the permission letter will give one. Take a few photocopies of it as photocopies of this permit must be submitted at the time of agency, site sign, and hotel checking in Sikkim. From there you will get down straight to Gangtok stand. Siliguri to Gangtok stand (another name for Siliguri stand) will take 4-5 hours. You will find good hotels to eat on the way, and some spots to check out.


A small taxi from Gangtok stand (Siliguri stand and say) for 4 persons to the hotel is rated not more than 150-200. From Gangtok to the hotel we are giving the name and details of the hotel we stayed in below. Check-in at the hotel before 8-9 pm on the same day and talk to the travel agency at MG marg for Yamthang Valley. Round trip from Gangtok to Yamthang Valley, one night stay at Lachung, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast will be included.

If you want to go to Katao from Yamthang Valley, they will bring you around if you pay 2-3 thousand taka to the extra driver. Yamthang will turn around and drop off at Gangtok, Sangu stand/ Vajra taxi stand.

Hotels in Gangtok Sikkim 

From there take a local taxi to the hotel. It is good to say that you should leave all the luggage bags at the hotel where you will be staying in Gangtok on the first day, and take only the essentials for one night. There is no extra charge for this, and if you have one night in Lachung, if you tell the hotel on the first day, they will keep the room reserved but no extra charge will be charged.

Because the road to Yamthang is very high and low, it is not possible to take luggage on the roof of the car, take small bags. This side of the Gangtok hotels is very good.


Yumthang to Sangu Lake

Return from Yumthang and check in at the hotel, again go to the travel agency and talk to visiting Sangu Lake. Although we could not go because the weather was bad. If you want, you can hire a local taxi and sightsee Gangtok city for the whole day (9 am to 5 pm). 4 people in one taxi. 1200-1500 Rs.


We went to Lachung and got the snow fruit, but the weather was so bad that we could not go to Yamthang. For this, I was going around Gangtok in a tuk-tuk. If I am lucky, I will complete the incomplete site scene again.


Dhaka-Banglabandha-850 Taka. Bangladesh Immigration Travel Tax-500 Tk. Port cost- 50 rupees. Extra cost-100 Tk. Customs cost – 100 rupees. TomTom cost to BSF till Indian Immigration- Rs.100. Indian Immigration – 100 rupees. Immigration to Siliguri SNT Stand TomTom-Rs 300 (6 pax).

SNT to Gangtok Stand (Bulero Jeep) Rs 2300 (6 pax) (7-8 pax comfortably, max 10 pax with difficulty). Gangtok to hotel Rs 150 local taxi (4 pax).

One day hotel rent is Rs.1200. There were 6 people in one room together. Because there were 2 large double beds, 3 people can easily sleep in one. Lachung to Yamthangvalli Rs 13000 (for 6 pax).

Hotel to Sangu Stand Local Taxi-Rs 300 (4 pax). The bus to Yamthang departs from here. Siliguri 2300-2500 fare from Gangtok stand. From Siliguri to Phulbari border TomTom for 300 immigrants will again cost the same as before and will enter the country by bus.

(The expenses may vary)

Other information:

  • If you reach the Phulbari border on the Indian side before 5 o’clock Indian time, you can enter the country after completing immigration. If not for any reason, there are good hotels right behind the Siliguri SNT stand.
  • You have to be very careful if you are in Siliguri because the people there are from Batpar and Bap of Gulistan in Dhaka.
  • Before getting to the Siliguri hotel, ask in detail what facilities are available in the room.
  • In all places under Gangtok city, smoking is prohibited in public open places and public places, with a fine of 500 rupees, and a fine of 5000 rupees for littering. There is also the possibility of being banned from traveling to India for 5 years.
  • Whatever agency you go to in Gangtok, ask for everything in detail. For the first time, we had to face a little trouble. Don’t forget the name of a travel agency guy (Chandan) in there.


  • Going to Sangu Lake from Gangtok will cost 5000 rupees for 6 people in a Toyota Innova car.
  • I didn’t pay for the food because it depends on you what you eat.
  • There are a few Muslim hotels in Gangtok city, we like two. 1, Khan (located below MG Mart). 2, Aslam Biryani (it’s new but it’s a little inside the lane just opposite Jannat Hotel) just google it.
  • It is good if the SIM is old, if you get a new one, you have to get it from Siliguri or somewhere else. Otherwise, Sikkim does not allow Bangladeshis to take SIM, but it is a little difficult. Recharge is available at most Airtel, and Vodafone locations.
  • Take a minimum of 10 passport copies, visa copies, and 10 recent passport-size photographs for permission. It more or less depends on on-site visits.
  • It does not take any money to get permission in Rangpo, if you take a passport, a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa, and a copy of your photo, keep them and put a seal on the passport and write the name of how many people in the group on a paper and give a permit paper.
  • Take 10 photocopies of the permit paper from its office in Rangpo just opposite. Keep the main copy. Work everywhere with photocopying.
  • Room and car booking should be taken from all hotels and agencies in Gangtok with photocopy only.
  • On the return day, come to Rangpo again and submit the original paper and write the departure date on everyone’s passport.
  • While going towards North Sikkim and Yamthang, Toon station 4000ft above the police permission paper has to be shown by the driver or the agency.
  • North Sikkim not only sells bottles of mineral water but also bottles of other drinks. If there is any damage to the environment, we will throw any garbage in the right place, not only in Sikkim but in all parts of the world.


Discover Sikkim, a land of old monasteries and majestic mountain ranges. Explore the ancient Buddhist culture, gorgeous bamboo forests, snow-covered peaks, and pristine lakes. Breathtaking views await you in our picturesque valley. It is a small state in the Himalayan mountains. It is surrounded by China on three sides. The fourth side is open to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. For more info about Sikkim, contact Travel Mate.

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