Sajek Valley Travel Experience: 7 Amazing Facts

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Sajek Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the country, whether it is the queen of the mountains or the paradise of clouds. Yes, imagine you are standing on a hill 1800 feet high. Clouds are moving around. You can’t even see objects in the distance behind the clouds. Sometimes coming very close and touching the clouds is an increasing feeling.

Great tours like Travelmate’s corporate tours are knocking on the door. Our guest this time was Mas. Let’s gradually get to know the description of our tour.

Sajek Valley Travel Story

A group of 38 of us toured Khagrachhari & Sajek Valley, Rangamati for two nights and three days. As a hilly area, there are some limitations, but the travel experience is great. When you go to the resort verandah or the top of an open hill in the morning to watch the sunrise, or if you do not see the sun, the raft of clouds that you will see will be immortalized in the hut of your mind for the rest of your life. Then a breath of peace will touch the heart, like a sea of clouds.

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Dhaka To Jaliapara To Dighinala & Baghaichhari

Our journey started from Dhaka at 11:30 pm by a reserved bus Saint Martin Paribahan (17 Feb 2022). The story of Sajek that I have only heard in public so far, now it is the turn of that dream to come true. The bus dropped us off at Jaliapara (Guimara, Haphchhari) very early in the morning. We didn’t have breakfast down there. Then we set off in a pre-arranged Chander Gari for Dighinala which is nearly 52km from Jaliapara. Taking breakfast we set for to get lost in the realm of clouds which means for Sajek Valley.

We reached Dighinala in the Chander Gari and had breakfast. Then we left for Baghaichhari. After taking pictures for a while, we left for Baghaichhari again. From Baghaichhari, the Army soldiers took all the Chander Gari vehicles together. There are many CNG Auto Rickshaws, Private Car, and related vehicles too. The Army took the vehicles twice in a day, around 10 to 11 in the morning and around 2 to 3 in the afternoon. We stood in Baghaichhari for about an hour. In the gap, we see the ethnic market here. It was interesting.

Day 1: Baghaichhari To Sajek Valley

The Sajek Valley, a distance of 34 km from Dighinala, started. We were very tired, but as soon as the journey of the moon car (Chander Gari) started its journey, the fatigue disappeared. Believe that the beauty of the way to and from Sajek will make you half your money. And the driver of the moon car driving brother! It will lift the mercury of fear or excitement with your spine. Driving the whole first and furious genre. And all the slopes, bends, steep roads on the road will increase the level of enjoyment a little more. It will take three hours to reach Sajek from here.

When we reached Sajek Valley, our time was running out. Then we quickly went to the resort, took a bath, freshened up, and took some rest. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, We went to XXXX Hotel and Restaurant for lunch. The menu consisted of rice, vegetables, vorta, pulses, and bamboo chicken. The cooking was great, but the meat was a little salty pepper.

Konglak Pahar

At 3.30 pm we left the room to win Konglak hill. What a beautiful sight, covered with clouds all around, the clouds seem to be playing in the rhythm of the wind. In my opinion, the best view or feeling of Sajek is walking in the streets of Sajek, and seeing the heavenly green hills on both sides.

Those who have been to Darjeeling will understand the appeal of this Sajek. That’s why I say “we have a Sajek”. After walking for 45 minutes, We reached the top of Konglak. The clouds were so thick that I could not understand the person next to me 5 feet. And the gentle breeze wrapped me in a blanket of light coolness.

This time the scene is more extraordinary and natural. The combination of white clouds and green on the slopes of those distant mountains has created another appeal. We thoroughly enjoyed this moment.

There are now over 100 resorts and they are very well planned. XXX is in gold for those who want to enjoy the time and moment in complete solitude.

You have to come here just in time to understand what a feeling it is. You can see the most beautiful scenery in autumn or fall from this Sajek.

After staying at the top of Konglak for about 1 hour and more, we came down in 30 minutes.


We sat on the helipad and waited for the sunset. The sky was cloudy and the sunset was not good because of the dense clouds, but the cloud-mountain game we watched was eye-popping. Sitting here, we drank bamboo tea, small fry street food with satisfaction. Then in the nighttime, we came to the room and took a rest.

We ate dinner at 10 o’clock at night. Then we all went to Helipad again to enjoy the Moonlit night.

Clouds seemed to surround us. People in the neighborhood joined us also. We come to the room at 12 pm, sit on the veranda, enjoy the night in Sajek Valley.

We woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning. The light is still not on. But then I can’t describe in words the view I saw outside. When the light goes out at around 5.30, you will not find a match with the view you saw yesterday afternoon. At this point, Sajek will appear in front of you in his original form. Just look at the clouds around. The surrounding hills are covered with thick clouds. It would be like spreading a sheet of clouds over the hills. I went straight to the helipad to watch the sunrise and it was really amaaaazing.

The Clouds

The Sajek Valley is like a scenic spot, so you don’t have to worry about taking pictures. You can visit Ruilui Para, Konglak Para, Helipad, Stone Garden and Lusai Village. In the village of Lusai, there is an opportunity to wear the clothes of a small ethnic group. There are also Kanlak hills, where it is better to choose the morning time to get up. This Konglak hill is located at an altitude of 1800 feet. Wherever you look, only clouds and clouds. The sight of the sun peeking and the raft of clouds will tell you the success in the difficulty of getting closer to nature.

The ethnic people and food

Sajek is inhabited by Lusai, Pangkhoa and Tripura tribes. The village of Kalank Para, on the last frontier of the Sajak Valley, is inhabited by the Lusai people. From this village, the source of the river Karnafuli, the Lusai hills of India can be seen.

Day 2: Sajek Valley To Dighinala To Khagrachari

The beauty of the morning is amazing. In fact, every day in the mountains has a different beauty. We ate after a long walk. Then it was time to return to Khagrachhari. We reached Dighinala before noon. I will go out there after lunch. Back in Khagrachhari, we will see Alutila Cave and Horticulture Park. It was almost afternoon to reach Khagrachhari. Enjoying the beauty of the hilly road, we started walking towards the next destination.

Alutila Cave

Alutila Cave is a natural cave located in the Khagrachhari district of Bangladesh. Alutila Cave or Mysterious Tunnel is located at Alutila or Arbari Hills, 3000 feet above sea level, 6 km west of the main town of Matiranga Upazila of Khagrachhari district. The locals call it Matai Hakar or the cave of the gods. Alutila is the highest mountain in the Khagrachhari district.

Although it is called a Tila, it is basically a mountain range. Alutila tunnel is one of the most natural caves in the world. This cave is very dark and cool. When visiting Khagrachhari or on the way to Sajek Valley, everyone visits the cave at least once. So We decided that after coming back from Sajek, we will enjoy this historical and ancient cave. Two hundred-year-old banyan trees near the main gate of the Alutila tourist center touch the sky.

A little further on, Alutila’s cave face was seen from a distance. Before, you had to go down the slope of the mountain to the mouth of the cave. But now the tourism corporation has made a paved road. As a result, it is very easy to walk to the cave. After finishing the paved road, I climbed the stairs and crossed about 266 stairs, and we got to the desired cave, Alutila cave.

The atmosphere is tense as you get closer. The whole body began to cool. The debate about who will go first. Someone is busy lighting the torch again. The mouth of the cave is about 17-18 feet in diameter. No sunlight of any kind enters. Absolutely rocky cave.

Water is dripping from the top of the cave; The stream flows through the bottom. The bottom of the tunnel is very slippery. So you have to cross the cave very carefully with a torch or light. There is a competition to take pictures inside the cave. Good to know, the cave is absolutely safe. It looks a lot like an underground tunnel that is about 350 feet long.

The water inside the cave is frozen, there are big rocks. The height of the cave is sometimes so low that we have to crawl or cross on our knees. After walking for about 12-15 minutes, the light of the sun started falling on my eyes. Climb up the stairs again and come to the main gate along the previous path.

Khagrachari horticulture park

Khagrachhari is a district surrounded by natural beauty and the shadow of nature. Khagrachhari is one of the major tourist attractions in the country. Tourists flock here regularly to see the endless spectacle of mountains, waterfalls, and greenery. Horticulture Park is another tourist-rich place in Khagrachari.

This popular park of Khagrachari is spread over an area of ​​22 acres. This park is located in the zero-mile area of ​​the district town. There is also a suspension bridge and water fountain. Friends and family can visit the park, which is decorated with various recreational facilities. There is also a picnic. There is also a kids zone for children’s play, as well as an artificial lake, picnic spots, guest house, ballroom, birds park, and observation tower. You can also see the scenery around by taking a toy train. There are opportunities to enjoy various programs in the open stage. And the food zone has the opportunity to taste traditional food.

We visited this amazing park and passed nearly two to three hours here. It is really amazing among the hilly areas. The children also like this park as they can walk and run freely. You will find amazing local collections for shopping here as well.

Khagrachari District

Khagrachhari district was created on 7th November 1983. Khagrachhari is crossing 40 years of age. Khagrachhari is becoming more and more attractive day by day. Khagrachhari Alutila Mysterious Tunnel, District Council Park, Tareng, Risang Jharna, Karchuri Tourist Spots are always attracting tourists to see from various places of interest.

You will like the Khagrachhari district city areas. You can buy local food, clothes, or toys here with a comfortable budget. We pass the afternoon here.

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, its distance from Khagrachhari district is less and transportation is good. Its distance from Khagrachari is 60 km and from Dighinala 40 km. It is to be noted here that if you want to go to Sajek, you must get permission from Baghaihat Police and Army Camp. Sajek has a number of high-quality resorts and restaurants for accommodation and meals.

Day 3: Khagrachari Ecochhari, Shopping, Hilly Cantonment

We spent the third night at Echochhari resort on Khagrachhari hill. It is quite a charming resort. Everything to eat and drink is here. The night is wonderful. It rained heavily on him. Next to it is Khagrachhari Cantonment. As soon as you climb the hill, you first see the Ansar camp, and then the cantonment. The canteen at Ansar Camp offers everything you need, including tea and snacks. Moreover, you will actually find some small shops down from Echochhari.

We left breakfast and went to Khagrachhabi district town. A fairly tidy city. The easy bike takes 20 rupees from Ekochhari. There are many local shops around Shapla Chattar or Zia Memorial if you want to buy something you or your family can get. Chinese or Indian toys are especially popular for children. Which is not quite available in Dhaka.

We will leave the hotel at 10 tonight. Our bus to St. Martin transport has already arrived. We quickly ate dinner and left. There is a beauty of the night on the mountain road. Not so many cars. We came to Comilla from Khagrachhari and got some rest, food, and drink. All in all, our journey to Rangamati was quite enjoyable.

♦♦Chander Gari

There are some local vehicles for traveling in Sajek Valley, which is popularly known as Moon Car or Chander Gari. Usually, the moon car has the capacity to carry 10 to 15 passengers. Since you have to go to Sajek on the curved hill road, try to reserve a big car. In this case, you should try to avoid small vehicles.

♦♦Things to do before traveling to Sajek

It is said that the success of beauty lies in suffering. So if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Sajek, you have to suffer a little. Travel is not at all comfortable for inexperienced people. When it comes to traveling to Sajek, you have to keep in mind the travel-related illness. The Sajek Valley, also known as the “Rangamati Roof”, is situated at an altitude of 1720 feet (Ruiluipara) to 1800 feet from Kangalkapara. Due to the low level of oxygen in the environment at high altitudes, the problem of altitude and weather, food, other facilities in hilly areas should be kept in mind.

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Our Experience

You will be thrilled to see the rows of green hills and white clouds in Sajek. Sometimes you will suddenly feel hot and soon you will be surrounded by a thick sheet of clouds. Clouds will cool your body. Here one can observe different forms of nature on the same day. You will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Sajek and the flying clouds in the mountains. The morning sunrise and afternoon sunset from Sajek Helipad give the tourists a unique gift of beauty. In the kingdom of the stars in the cloudless sky of the night, you have nothing to lose. The intoxicants of the warm embrace of the mountains are seen more with the clouds of Sajek.

To sum up…

Goodbye Sajek, goodbye Khagrachhari. Very soon we will be back in your lap. The mountains are a place you will never forget. You will always discover new things. So I will come again inshaAllah. Thank you to Shahadat Bhai, the head of our Boss Travelmate, for giving us such a wonderful trip. Many thanks also to those who were with us. Forgive the mistake, not everything is available in remote areas so some things go awry. Hope everybody enjoys it.

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