Travel Konglak Pahar – A Beautiful Hill in Sajek

Konglak Hill Sajek Valley

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Konglak Para (কংলাক পাড়া) is located on the top of Konglak hill. The Sajak Valley consists mainly of Ruilui Para and Konglak Para (Khagrachhari & Rangamati). The Lusai Hills are clearly visible from the Konglak Hills. The mountains, greenery, and the unadulterated combination of clouds can be seen all around. It has now become a focal point of attraction for tourists visiting Sajek. It is located about 2 kilometers from the Ruilui para; You have to trek 30-40 minutes from Sajek’s helipad to reach Kanlak Para.

Konglak Para is also known as Komlak Para. According to local information, this area is called Kamlak Para because of its large orange groves. The Konglak spring is located at the bottom of the hill and the hill is named after this spring.

Konglak Para

The small village of hilly areas is inhabited by Tripura and Lusai ethnic groups. Jhum farming is the main source of food and income in this neighborhood. Holud (Turmeric), ginger, and orange are mostly cultivated here. There is a water crisis in Konglak Para. Each house will have multiple and large water reservoirs. Rainwater harvesting is the main source of water in this area. Residents collect rainwater from the shed of the house, store it in the reservoir and carry out daily activities.

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Konglak Pahar

It is 15 minutes drive from Ruiluipara to Konglak Para. The Pankhoyas live here. In all, 10 to 12 families live. You need to climb to the top by folding the legs in the folds of the huge stone. The whole path is mountainous. The body trembles when you look down. At one point you have to cross the dangerous path and set foot on that highest peak. Everyone is fascinated by the amazing scenery around. This is the highest peak of Sajek. The beauty of the whole Sajek valley can be seen by standing on the top of the hill of Konglak. A pile of white clouds floats to the top of the hill. This is like a dream state.

Konglak Hills

On the way back from Konglak hill, You will get off at the helipad next to Runmoy resort and wait here for sunset. It is not possible to express the beauty of the evening with its description. It’s like playing hide and seek with the red sun in a mountainous country. The darkness of the evening became more intense. From a distance, some solar flashes can be seen. All in all a different feeling.

In the light of the moonlit night, thick white fog is floating in the folds of distant mountains. The fog looks like a raft of clouds. The waiting time is once dawn. Due to the fog, the clouds are not visible. You have to wait for the sunrise. You didn’t understand what a radiant Sajek was waiting for. The sun has also risen quite a bit. The fog is slowly clearing. The game of hiding and seek of the clouds began. You really feel like you are floating in the clouds. Clouds smiled near the head and announced a new day. The yellow river, the green forest, the Gerua hills all disappear behind the white clouds.

Konglak Pahar

It is really amazing to explore the Sajek Valley as well as Konglak Pahar (কংলাক পাহাড়). If you want to visit Konglak Pahar and Sajek Valley, you can see this package of Travel Mate Bangladesh. For knowing more information about the tour package of Sajek or Bandarban hilly areas we encourage you to contact us directly. Thanks.

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