Darjeeling: budget travel experience from Bangladesh


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Want to travel from Dhaka to Darjeeling at a low cost? This article will be very helpful for those who are planning to visit or want to visit Darjeeling in India from Bangladesh. Many people think that going to Darjeeling in India seems to cost a lot of money. Those who are thinking about this are wrong. 

I will give you a very simple and detailed guideline for your misconceptions. If you read this Dhaka to Darjeeling travel guide carefully, you will get very easy and clear all kinds of ideas. Here I will show you step by step guide on how much it will cost.

Travel to Darjeeling from Dhaka

The first thing you need to do is passport and visa and make at least 5/6 photocopies of them. Also, keep 5/6 of your photos. I will give the link below on how to get a passport or visa. There are many AC and non AC transport buses plying from Dhaka Gabtali to Burimari land port in North Bengal. Among the non-AC buses, the fare of Hanif, Shyamoli, and Nabil costs you between Tk 750 to  950. The AC bus will cost nearly 1200 Tk, though they charge 1500+ when you go to Siliguri. 


Journey from Dhaka

Most of the vehicles leave Dhaka for Burimari at 8 pm and will reach you at the Burimari border by 6-7 am. After reaching the border, have breakfast in Bangladesh, then cross the immigration of both countries (Bangladesh and India). When you reach Changrabandha, you can walk a short distance to board the bus. You have to keep in mind to reach Darjeeling between 7 and 8 PM. Because all the shops in Darjeeling are closed between 9 and 10 pm.

This year’s destination is Mainaguri. It will take half an hour to go by bus. It will cost Rs.20 per person. From there you have to take the SBSTC bus to reach Siliguri. 80 rupees per person. If you need a mobile sim on reaching Siliguri, buy it here. After that start the journey again to Darjeeling. From Siliguri Junction, you have to take a jeep to Darjeeling. It will take 3/4 hours to reach there. This path will end to see a wonderful beauty. Reserve jeep will cost 2000 rupees and 8/10 people can go in reserve jeep or share jeep will charge 200/250 rupees per person.

Darjeeling tour from bd

Along with the beauty of the day, you will also see the appearance of the evening which is very enjoyable. If you look down from the top of Darjeeling, you will think that it is a fair of millions of stars! These will look like lights from rooms in different buildings. There are many types of food in the hotels. There are several hotels for Muslims. You can eat at Islamia Hotel. For 100 rupees you will get beef and rice, along with pulses.

Hotel booking in Darjeeling

Between 1000 to 1500 rupees you will get a very good hotel with wifi and hot water. Hotel Parklane is a good hotel. Everything in Darjeeling shuts down before 10 pm. So booking and dinner must be completed by 10 PM.


Where to go in Darjeeling?

1st day

Wake up at 3-4 am and head for Tiger Hill. You will see the smile of the sunrise touching the snow of the Himalayas. Then, spend the whole day exploring Batasia Loop, Rock Garden Ghum Station, Zoo (quite beautiful), Tea Garden, and Mall Road. There are several mosques in Darjeeling, the two big mosques are a must-see.

2nd day

Depart for Kanchan Jung, another town a little further away from Darjeeling city, where paragliding can be enjoyed. And one side of the Himalayas can be seen.

3rd day

If you want, you can visit the small town of Mirik surrounded by mountains and lakes. As Siliguri is nearer to Mirik, it is better to stay in Mirik. You can stay at the wooden restaurant in Miri for an affordable cost. The top view of the lake and the motel is great for touring Miri. So there is no question of staying more than one day.

4th day

Early morning leave for Siliguri. It takes only two hours to reach Siliguri from Mirik and three hours to reach the border from Siliguri. Remember, all border operations are closed after 6 pm.


How to pass immigration in India

To exchange money, some brokers help with immigration on both sides. Exchange Bangla Taka at Changrabandha border. The currency exchange rate is not good.  But after giving the passport to the brokers, keep a watchful eye on them. Or you can go through immigration alone if you want.

Remember not to take any rupees with you and don’t say even if you have them, keep some dollars with you, and don’t admit that you have more than four or five thousand Bangladeshi Taka whatever you have.

Time to come back

Both sides of immigration (India-Bangladesh) may want to know if you have made purchases. The answer can be said to have bought a few things for the house. Approximately four to five thousand rupees. Apart from this, some brokers help in exchange for 150 rupees while returning. Also, carry as little cargo as possible while traveling.


Where to shop in Darjeeling?

It can buy to buy winter clothes from Darjeeling. From Mall Road, you will get the right price.  Apart from this, you can buy some fresh tea packets. For other purchases, you’d better do it in Siliguri.

Where to eat in Darjeeling?

Shimla restaurant is excellent for eating in Darjeeling. Muslims can go in front of the big mosque to eat at the hotel.

Best time to visit Darjeeling from Bangladesh

It is unwise to visit Darjeeling during the rainy season, September to January is the best time to enjoy Darjeeling.

So the cost from Dhaka to Darjeeling

  • Dhaka to Burimari (Tk 900 – 1200) AC bus and Non AC bus Tk 700-800 + Border Bribe (Tk 150) + Changrabandha to Siliguri
  • Tk 200/250 from border + Siliguri to Darjeeling Tk 200 = Tk 1250/1700.
  • Hotel cost 500-1000 taka (per person/per day)
  • Food cost 300 taka (per person/per day)
  • If you hire a jeep for the whole day, you will need 2000/2500 taka.
  • It is an off-season rate, 30% more during the season. So do the calculation that way.

What not to do

  • Darjeeling is a clean city, please don’t litter.
  • Open smoking is a punishable offense in Darjeeling, so refrain from smoking.


Sometimes you have to restart your life to enjoy this mechanical life of monotony and busyness. For me, the key to bringing back the joyous vitality of life, again and again, is to immerse myself in travel. A wanderlust mind only knows how to enjoy life from different locations with different arrangements. May every life be meaningful and enjoyable. For going to Darjeeling from Dhaka Bangladesh, you will get complete support from Travel Mate

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