Sundarbans: The Home of Royal Bengal Tigers

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 Sundarbans: The Home of Royal Bengal Tigers


Happy to reintroduce, the Sundarbans is one of the largest mangrove forests and natural wonders in the world. UNESCO has listed the Sundarbans on the World Heritage List for its beauty and ongoing ecological processes. If you want to take the taste of deep forests in Bangladesh and explore the wildlife for some days, the Sundarbans tour can be your best choice. Located at the side of the Bay Of Bengal, Sundarbans is the home of Royal Bengal Tigers, spotted deer, claw-less otters, salt-water crocodiles and many other wildlife species. Fortunately, the tour can bring you to see the life of a forest closely.

Travel Mate arranges the tour in an organized way to give you the best experience for surfing the forests. The Sundarbans tour from Khulna will start early in the morning. We will also end the journey from the same place (Khulna) or leave for Dhaka. Are you confused about where you will stay in the forests? How will you get the safety? Our specialists will do everything for you. You will stay on the specially designed boat or ship and it will be only for your travel mate. We will explore the sanctuary through the creeks and canals as well as we will use the wooden country boat to visit the remote area of the Sundarbans. The experienced guide of Travel Mate will instruct the whole tour so as not to miss any vital sight or wildlife safety.

The tours of Travel Mate are organized and we try to improve the collaboration with one another. The tours follow the rules, but there is no consideration for when the time is for engaging and entertaining. You can consider it as a family tour. It is important to realize you are going to explore the wildlife, and our primary motives are fulfilling your desire. What do you think about the pricing modules? Especially, we try to do all the available things with cheaper packages. As our expert guides are used to travel the Sundarbans, we can offer the best flexible package for you in the meantime. Let’s check the details about the packages.


     Sundarbans Tour 

Duration     03 Days & 04 Nights
Departure Time     Please arrive at least 1 hour before the journey.
  • Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka Air Conditioned Bus/Train Tickets
  • 2 Night Accommodation on the boat/ship in a sleeping cabin.
  • 5,750 BDT (forest permission fee for foreigners) per person.
  • All meals start from breakfast on day 01, drinking water, tea, and coffee.
  • The english-speaking guide is available.


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