mv pirates of the sundarban

Sundarban Tour by the ‘MV Pirates of the Sundarban’

MV Pirates of the Sundarban invites you to enjoy various healthy food, relaxing boat trips, nature, open wildlife, and sea views in the Sundarbans.


3 Days 2 Nights Safe and Pleasant Tour by the MV Pirates of the Sundarban

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Tour Date:

12, 13, 14 January-2024

19, 20, 21 January-2024

26, 27, 28 January-2024

Also, contact us for a family trip or corporate trip anytime.


Touring Spots :


Jamtala Sea-Beach

Katka Office Area

Tiger Point

Chikhali/Hiron Point


Dim Char/Dublar Char

Food Menu: There will be double menu meals with 5 daily snacks. Tea and coffee facilities will be adequate.


Day 1:

7:30 AM Our guide will pick you up from Khulna Jail Ghat and take you to the ship. Our ship will go to Harbaria along the river Rupsa and Pasur, passing by Khulna Shipyard, Rupsa Bridge, Rampal Thermal Power Station, and Mongla Port.

After lunch, we will get down at “Harbaria Eco-Tourism Center. First, we will leave Gunman behind and go along the designated foot trail in a row. We will cross the freshwater pond and enter the deep forest. There will be mangrove plants with thick, breathing roots on both sides. Sundari, Golpata, and Gewa trees are in this forest. More. Lots of deer footprints and herds of deer can be seen if it’s quiet. Herds of crabs will run and hide at the sound of your footsteps. Walk about 1 mile trail and rest at the wooden rest house built on the pond and come back to the sheep. Back to the sheep to have breakfast.

The sheep will run in the “Katka Sanctuary” at the ocean’s mouth.


Day 2:

Wake up early in the morning to cruise the canals on a country boat and enjoy the silence of the forest. From there, I will go to Jamtala Sea Beach, two and a half kilometers away, crossing tiger tree groves, deer grazing grounds and deep forests. I will enjoy the meeting place of the two pride of Bangladesh “Sundarban” and “Bangaposagar”.

After that, I will return to the sheep and have breakfast for Tiger Tila. Crossing the weeping, breath-taking and awe-inspiring forests is the location of Tiger Hill. On the way, you can see herds of deer very close.

Then I will return to Ship. The ship will go to Hiran Point or “Kachikhali”.

At Hiran Point or “Kachikhali” I will walk through the forest. Herds of deer will look up and run away at the sight of you, and you’ll understand why it’s called tiger dining. I will return to Sheep with a smile. I will make dublar char or egg char in the ship

I will stay at the beautiful sea beach until evening. Then I will return to Ship. The ship will run towards Karamjal.


Day 3:

Karamjal is the only saltwater crocodile breeding center in Bangladesh. Small and large crocodiles, almost extinct species of turtles, Badramis of monkey herds and deer will be fed grass from hand and will return to Khulna/Mangla.


Why should you visit MV Pirates of the Sundarbans?

  1. Completely new product bearing AC ship.
  2. Charming interior design.
  3. Live Bar-B-Q Corner.
  4. Attached is the bathroom in each room.
  5. The reserve capacity of fresh water is 40000 thousand liters.
  6. Uninterruptible power supply through generators and IPS.
  7. Life jacket and life buoy for each.
  8. Fire extinguishing system
  9. Savory food is prepared by experienced cooks.
  10. The total guest capacity is 40 people.
  11. 11. Guest Room,  One host room and one guide room.
  12. 4 family suite rooms – 4 persons per room.
  13. 4 Executive Triple Rooms – 3 people per room.
  14. 6 Deluxe Couple Rooms – 2 persons per room.



We do not compromise on safety. Two armed security personnel from the Bangladesh Forest Department will be engaged round the clock for your security. Regular communication and necessary arrangements with the Forest, Coast Guard, and Navy through VSF for weather and any other requirements.


Sundarbans Tour: What to do

Avoid bright-colored clothes (which can be seen from far away)—wear light-colored and loose-fitting full-sleeve dresses.

Do not use any perfume.

Sandals/Keds with back belts and water resistance should be taken. Do not wear high heels.

Small luggage sizes are better for adventure tours.

After descending into the forest, under no circumstances should one speak loudly and unless absolutely necessary, the trucking should be done without speaking.

Since we have to bring all the necessary things from Khulna, so don’t waste water (river water is salty) and don’t use drinking water for any other purpose.

After entering the forest, one should walk properly and under no circumstances should the team run.

No work can be done that harms the environment. For example, Polythene or packaging materials should not be thrown away.

Showing respect to locals and other travel group members.

Obey the instructions of guides and security guards.

All our efforts are for your safety and enjoyment of the trip, so we need your cooperation.


What to keep with you

Necessary medicine.

Toothbrush and paste.

Caps, sunglasses, sunscreen lotions

Camera, memory card and power bank, Teletalk SIM card.

Soap, shampoo

Rain court or umbrella

Personal practice items.


Food Menu:

Day 1:

Breakfast: Welcome Drinks, Bread, Butter, Jelly, Boiled Egg, Banana, Honey, Tea/Coffee Conflex, Milk.

Snacks: 11 am – Cake, fruit, tea/coffee.

Lunch: Plain rice, gourd prawns, aloo bharta, loita shuts bhuna, fish dope yazoo, chicken curry, dal, salad, semai.

Snacks: 6:00 corn soup, French, chicken fry, tea, coffee.

Dinar: Plain rice, mixed vegetables, papaya/eggplant bharta, shak bhaji, rupchanda fish, duck meat, murigonda, salad, paash.


Day 2:

Snacks: 5:30 AM – Biscuits, tea/coffee.

Apples and water on a jungle safari.

Breakfast: Roasted khichuri, brinjal bhaji, egg omelet, pickle, ghee, chili bharta, salad, tea/coffee.

Snacks: 11 am – Guava, tea/coffee.

Lunch: Plain rice, banana bharta, prawns and vegetables, fish bharta, Faisha fish dopeiazo, fried chicken, dal, curd salad.

Snacks: 6 pm – Winter cake, tea/coffee.

Dinar: Porata, Chicken Barbeque, Fish Barbeque, Dal Vuna, Russian Salad, Cold Drinks.


Day 3:

Breakfast: Parata, mixed vegetables, roasted liver, egg omelet, halwa, dal, tea coffee.

11 am- Sherbet, dry cake, tea/coffee.

Lunch: Plain Pollau, Eggplant Fry, Egg Korma, Beef Manx, Chinese Vegetables, Fried Prawns, Salad, Misty, Cold Drinks.

Snacks: Chicken Chowmein, Tea/Coffee.

Adequate tea/coffee facilities are available.

NB: In some places deep in the forest, only the Teletalk mobile operator network is available.

(The food menu may change slightly due to the season.)


Call for pricing

Khulna – Sundarbans – Khulna

(Dhaka-Khulna-Dhaka transport tickets will be helped)

Booking Procedure:

You can come to our office and confirm the booking subject to the availability of seats.

Here, you can book in 2 ways.

To confirm the booking, a minimum of Tk 7,500 per person (offer eligible) must be deposited into the following bank account or Bikash

Bank Account

Account Name: Travel Mate Bangladesh

Account Number: 1549 204 816 995001

Routing Number: 060260727

Bank Name: Brac Bank Ltd.

Branch: Banasree Branch


Account Name: Travel Mate Bangladesh

Account Number: 109 107 0242102

Bank Name: Eastern Bank Ltd.

Branch: Banasree Branch


bKash Merchant Account (payment): 01766990725 (add 1.5% bkash fee)


No sim operator works in Sundarbans except teletalk.

We have group and package tours available according to your choice.


Contact Address:

Shahadat Hossain, Booking Manager.

Travel Mate Bangladesh

Kha 215, Arma Majeda Malik Tower, Level-4, (Lift-3)

Merul Badda Main Road (Hatirjheel Link Road),

Gulshan, Dhaka 1212

Google Map –

Mobile/WhatsApp/bKash_merchnat 01766990725



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