Bangladesh – The Official name is the “People’s Republic of Bangladesh,” with an area of 1,47,570 square km. Bangladesh is a high-density country with the eighth largest populous country in the world. It is bordered by India and Myanmar. At the same time, Nepal, Bhutan, and China are very close to Bangladesh. The Chittagong is considered as the trade capital of Bangladesh and the largest port is also situated here. Most of the people (98%) talk in Bengali. We get some tribal people, including Chakma, Marma, and Tripura. In general, it is a Muslim-majority country and ranked the world’s third according to the population.

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Bangladesh got independence on 26th March 1971. We were ruled by the British Empire until 1947. After 1947, Bengal was partitioned from India and East and West Pakistan born. In particular, East Pakistan was dominated by West Pakistan. From then, Dhaka was the capital. The Govt. of Pakistan tries to dominate us, forgetting the culture or tradition. They wanted to impose Urdu as the official language of the whole of Pakistan. But the people of the East raised their voice of this injustice because- most of the people of East talk in Bangla. On 21st February of 1952, the students of East Pakistan start a movement for the sake of their mother tongue. But with the order of the Pakistan Govt. the police open fired in possession of the students and several students were died on the spot. Now, we observe the day with honor who sacrificed their lives for the mother tongue. Later on 17th November 1999, UNESCO declared the day as the International Mother Language Day.

But the domination of West Pakistan was increasing day by day. East Pakistan does not get equal facilities in every sector. So, East Pakistan wanted to free up their country. Then as the strongest political party- Awami League raises its voice to get equal rights. With a lot of incidents, on 7th March 1971, the president of the Awami League and the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman call the people to free up the country. Then a nine-month war (Bengali: Muktijuddho) happened in East Pakistan. Almost 30 lakh people died and 1 lakh girls and women were tortured by the Military of West Pakistan.

At last, on 26th March of 1971, Bangladesh (Earlier East Pakistan) was declared as an independent country and the previous night (25th March), Pakistan officially launched an operation with the innocent civilians of Bangladesh. It was very pathetic in the history of Bangladesh. At last, Bangladesh got independence and we celebrate 16th December as the Victory Day of Bangladesh. (Get More Information about the history of Bangladesh)

Bangladesh is rich in natural wealth as well as the people of Bangladesh are peace lovers. It has many tourist attractions, including Sundarbans, 60-Dome Masjid and Somapura Mahavihara (Buddhist Viharas)The sea beach of Cox’s Bazar, hilly areas in Chittagong or the tea garden of Sylhet all are full of natural beauty. Every year, a lot of visitors are coming to take a taste of these beautiful places. The accommodation and communication system are now developed. For this reason, tourists like traveling to Bangladesh.

The unique culture and foods of Bangladesh are also attractive. On the other hand, the cost is very low comparing other countries. The environment and the hospitality of the people of Bangladesh attract the most tourists. Similarly, traveling in Bangladesh is safe and now the agencies are very professional. You can go and take a close look at every attractive place. If you are eager to know more about Bangladesh, you can get in touch with Travel Mate. At the same time, if you want to explore Bangladesh, you can also do it with Travel Mate. You can go to the World Heritage Site of Bangladesh as well.