Sundarban Tour Package by Sea Pearl Cruise – 3

Explore The Magical Forest “Sundarbans”

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Khulna- Harbaria- Kotka- Hiron Point- Dubla- Karamjol (3 Days, 2 Nights)

Friday, you will need to board the guest at the waiting boat in Khulna early in the morning, at 8:30 am. From there, you will begin your cruise towards the Sundarbans forest. On the way, you will stop at the Dhangmari Forest station to obtain a permit, pay fees, and meet with a forest guard. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the forest at Harbaria Eco-tourism spot. After that, you will continue cruising until you reach Kotka. Upon arrival, you may have the chance to take a short walk in the forest to catch a glimpse of the surroundings. Finally, the boat will anchor at a suitable place for an overnight stay.

Saturday, start your day early by taking a small boat for a bird-watching trip through the small canal inside the forest. After the trip, have breakfast on the boat before walking through the mango forest and climbing the watchtower to Jamtola Sea Beach. Enjoy lunch before resuming the boat journey towards Hiron Point. Once you arrive, a guide will accompany you to Dublar Char where you can see plenty of deer, monkeys, birds, and more. After returning to the boat, snacks will be served followed by a Bar-B-Q dinner in the evening. The boat will anchor for an overnight stay at a suitable place.

Sunday, the boat will continue its journey to Khulna in the morning. During the journey back to Karamjol tourist spot, there will be sightseeing opportunities, including a visit to the crocodile breeding house. The boat will arrive at Khulna in the evening, and that is where the journey will end.

Vessel Specification:

Vessel Name: Sea Pearl – 3 (60 Passengers) 

10 cabin Air Conditioned, Specious Room, Rooftop Dining

Speedy, luxurious and newly constructed Ship

08 Suites with attached Bath AC Couple room 16 pax

04 Suites with attached Bath AC Three Bedded 12 pax

02 Suites with Common Bath AC Couple room 04 pax

12 Twin Shared common washroom non AC cabin= 24 pax

02 Couple Bedded shared washroom non AC cabin= 04 pax


Price per person from Khulna Jail Khana Ghat

@BDT 12,000 Common Bath

@BDT 14,500 Attach Bath ac Cabin

Package Includes:  

  • Three meals and two snacks during the trip every day
  • All activities inside the forest as per the itinerary
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip
  • Forest fees & permission for Bangladeshis
  • Armed forest guard from the forest department
  • An accompanying experience Guide during the trip

Food Menu:

1st Day Food Menu: 

Breakfast (8.00 am): Welcome Juice (Orange/Papaya) + Brown/White Bread + Butter + Jam +Sundarban Honey + Boiled Egg +Banana + Shemai + Tea & Coffee  

Snacks: (11:30 am): Plain/Fruits cake+ Apple, Tea & Coffee.

Lunch: (1.30 pm):  

1. Plain rice

2. Green Vegetable

3. Chingri Vorta

4. Paisha Fish Fry

5. Mutton Rezala with Chui-Jhal

6. Dal butter fry  

7. Spl Green Salad 

8. Mineral water

9. Sweet Card/ Yogurt

Snacks: (5:00 pm): Vegetable Spin Roll / Puri, Tea & Coffee.

Dinner (8.30 pm): 

1. Plain Rice

2. Begun Bharta 

3. Mixed vegetable

4. Vetki Fish Fry (with bone)

5. Chicken Mashallah

6. Plain Dal

7. Mineral water

8. Sweets (Chomchom)

2nd Day Food Menu:

Early Morning Snacks: Biscuit, Muri, Tea & Coffee 

Breakfast (8.00 am): Bhoona Khichuri, Egg Malai Curry, Begun Bhajee, Achar, Green Salad, Tea & Coffee

Snacks: (Beach): Orange, Biscuits, Mineral Water

Return from Beach: Green Coconut or Malta Juice

Lunch (1.30 pm): 

1. Plain rice 

2.Egg+ Alu Vorta

3. Lao Chingri 

4. Rupchanda/Tengra Fish fry 

5. Chicken Roast/Mashallah

6. Dal butter fry 

7. Mixed Salad

8. Mineral water

9. Sweet Card/ Yogurt

Snacks (5:00 pm): Vegetable Pakura, Tea & Coffee.

Dinner (8.30 pm): Special Bar – B – Q – Party:

1. Porata / Luchi

2. Mixed Fried Rice

3. Koral Fish Bar-B-Q 

4. Chicken Bar-B-Q                                  

5. Duck Razala with Potato  

6. Soft Drinks

7. Mineral water

8. Russian Salad

3rd Day Food Menu:

Early Morning Snacks: Biscuit, Muri, Tea/Coffee 

Breakfast (8.00 am): Porata+ Mixed Vegetable+ Egg fry, Chicken Dal, Shuji, Tea

Snacks: (11:30 am): Kheer Payesh, Tea & Coffee

Lunch (1.30 pm): 

1. Plain Polaw

2. Mixed Vegetable 

3. Egg Korma

4. Bagda Prawn Bhoona

5. Chicken Roast 

6. Salad

7. Soft Drinks

8. Mineral Water

9. Fruits Cocktail 

Snacks: (5:00 pm): Egg Chowmin, Tea & Coffee.

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