Travel Mate Photography Award

Photo Contest

Travel Mate Is Searching New Talents in Photography

Travel Mate is inviting the best photographer in the world to participate in the prestigious travel photography competition this month/year. Those who are interested in landscape, heritage- cultural, creative documentary, travel, and wildlife photography, it is one of the biggest opportunity to join the largest photography competition in Bangladesh. It is a great chance to meet with the famous international photographer from Bangladesh to meet and getting recognition in the digital photography world.

Travel Mate Photography Contest

Photography contest of Travel Mate gives you the largest chance of winning a cash prize, Gift Certificate and Gadget Item that includes technology-based or photography gift as well as photography related digital devices.


What Is Travel Mate Photography Contest?

Travel Mate is the largest travel magazine and travel agency in Bangladesh. Similarly, it is the largest collection of travel resources. To inspire the photographer and spreading the trends in the photography world, we arrange a photography competition in every month. It is an awesome way to share knowledges and joining in a photography community based-on Bangladesh. To drive the passion of the photographers, to spread the sense of beauty and interest of the newbie photographer, Travel Mate is working with dedication. We are looking for the soul born with creativity and want to promote their work wherever we can. Hope it will be helpful for promoting our country as well as focusing the undiscovered beauty among the whole world.

What Is The Eligibility Of Joining The Travel Mate Photography Contest?

The Contest is open to for all including professional and amateur photographers. There are no maximum age restrictions but inspire who are 18 years of age or older. The Competition of Travel Mate is open to any legal creative residents from the world and only restricted with the work which is prohibited by their local law. Those who are interested in landscape, heritage cultural, creative documentary, travel, and wildlife photography, it is one of the biggest opportunity to join the largest photography competition in Bangladesh from all over the world.

What Is The Copyrights & Usage Rights?

Copyright of the images will always remain at all times with the photographer.

Images will only be used strictly by the Travel Mate Team in connection to the awards and will not be used for any other marketing purposes other than to promote the Travel Mate Photography Awards. No other third parties have permission to resold or reused the images. If there is any request for such, we will forward the message or contact details to the photographer via e-mail.

What Is The Selection Process Of The Winner?

Photo Contest Judging Process

  • The general procedures of Travel Mate ensure a fair judging process and must be adhered to at all times.
  • Jury members cannot enter the contest in the year they are judging.
  • Each jury member, whether an ordinary member or chair, has one equal vote.
  • All entries are coded, with identifying information removed from the pictures so the work is judged anonymously.
  • In all categories, juries must award a first, second and third prize.

What Are The Fees And Prizes?

There is no additional cost to participate in the Travel Mate Photo Contest. It is open for all. The prizes will be selected by the Travel Mate Team. It could be a photography-related domain with hosting, digital photography devices as well as goods and books related to photography. Though the event link will describe the details as it varies from months to months.

What Is The Theme Of Travel Mate Photography Contest?

Save the wildlife, Save nature, Promote Bangladesh, Enrich Ecotourism.

Those Who Inspire Our Work

It is really fantastic to be a part of Travel Mate Photography Content. I have got the chance to meet with the world-class photographer here. It helped me a lot to come in this position now.

Abdul Alim – Wildlife Photographer 

Those who are searching platform to express their talents to go to a bigger stage, Travel Mate Photography Content is a great chance for them, especially from Bangladesh. Thanks, Travel Mate for arranging these types of amazing events.

Dr. Reza Kabir- International Photographer (Sample)

As a newbie or who are trying to become professional in a photography career, this type of contest is very helpful. It gives the recognition of your work. Similarly, options to spread your identity.

Asish K. Chowdhury- Photo Journalist (Sample)