Travel lovers mean getting lost somewhere while on vacation. Most travel-lovers choose the beach for leisure. On the horizon, the blue waters of the sea swept away all the fatigue of life, so that the tourists had to stay on the beaches to get a new start. There are some wonderfully beautiful beaches in different

Dublar Char is located on the south side of the Sundarbans, south-west of Kotka and southeast of Hiron Point. It is familiar for the Punna Sanan, Rasmella  Of Hindu religion and lots of Deer. It is an isolated island between the Kunga and Poshur river. Mainly, Durlar Char is a village of fisherman. It is

Saka Haphong is the highest peak in Bangladesh. It is located in the Bandarban district. Before 2005, it was thought that Keokradong or Tajingdong was the highest peak, but with the digital measurement, now Saka Haphong is declared as the highest peak of Bangladesh. English climber Jing Fleen first climbed this peak in 2005. At

The Indigenous People of Bangladesh are living mostly in the Chittagong Hilly areas. The communities are defined as distinct people socially, economically, and politically. They are also known as Tribal People or Ethnic Group or Minorities in Bangladesh. The life and culture of the Indigenous people are extremely fascinating. They are mostly from Buddhists. Some