MV Karnafuly Express which is a leading ship services in Bangladesh. It is also spelled as Karnafuli Or Karnaphuli. The name Karnafuly has came from the name of the river. These ships are launched by Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. It is popular ship building company in Bangladesh that constructs ocean going and inland vessels since

Sajek is a union in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district. This is the largest union in Bangladesh. Its area is 702 square miles. Sajek is bounded on the north by Tripura in India, on the south by Lankadu in Rangamati, on the east by Mizoram in India and on the west by Dighinala in Khagrachari.

St. Martin is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bangladesh. Many people visit this coral island every year. Various quality hotels and resorts have been set up here to meet the demand of tourists. Many people ask which hotel or resort would be better for overnight stay. Today we will give information about

All tickets of Bay One are sold out for 4-Feb, 11 Feb and 18 Feb 2021 Bay One Cruise Ship is scheduled on 19 and 20 February 2021 to go to Saint Martin from Chittagong. The cruise ship ‘MV Bay-One’, one of the main attractions of ‘Sea Tourism’ in the world, is being added to

As the first country in South Asia and the 119 countries in the world, the e-passport program has officially started in Bangladesh. According to data, the e-passport is a biometric passport containing an embedded electronic chip. The chip contains biometric information, which is used to authenticate the passport holder. It uses microprocessors or smart

Only 3 percent of the salt and freshwater lakes or reservoirs around the world are completely transparent. Usually, such a lake may not be visible. And that is why every year there are numerous tourist crowds in these places in search of a transparent lake Some of them travel for swimming or diving purposes, while

The Indigenous People of Bangladesh are living mostly in the Chittagong Hilly areas. The communities are defined as distinct people socially, economically, and politically. They are also known as Tribal People or Ethnic Group or Minorities in Bangladesh. The life and culture of the Indigenous people are extremely fascinating. They are mostly from Buddhists. Some

To begin with, what is the Mangrove forest? In general, where grow various kinds of small and medium trees – especially in coastal saline or brackish water are defined as the mangrove forest. According to the statistics of 2000, the total mangrove forest in the world covering 137,800 square kilometers. It has covered about 118

Who does not love to travel! But the reality of life in Dhaka doesn’t permit you to leave the city for some days. On the other hand, family and friends need time for you to spend some special moment. It makes the relationship more interesting. Markedly, life gets released from the daily turbulence and flatness.

Dhaka is an ancient city in the world. It was one the capital of Indian subcontinent. In general, it is a city of more than 20 Million people. Dhaka is recorded as the most corrupted, polluted, as well as not liveable country. For this reason, the tourist may avoid the country with fear. In general,