Experiencing this magical land that is completely untouched by modernization, you will be amazed at the beauty, culture, and people here. This video is about my travel from Dhaka to Sikkim. I hope you enjoy the video and that it will help you to plan your travel from Dhaka to Sikkim as well. The tourist

Sikkim is a state in the North-East of India. It is also one of the few states in India with a Buddhist majority. The state is bounded by Nepal to its west, China’s Tibet to its north and northeast, Bhutan to its east, and the Indian states of West Bengal to its south and Assam

Sikkim is a small state in the northeast of India. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, Buddhist culture, and a number of important monasteries. You will get here the top 10 things to do on the Sikkim tour.  You can travel to Sikkim from Bangladesh by following the Indo-Bangladesh border. The border crossing is