Who does not want to visit or travel the shrine of Hazrat Shajalal (RAH) in Sylhet? The Graveyard or Mazar (Majar) is an attractive place for the Muslims. As they think he is one of the saint who made Sylhet area significant for Islamic believers. Hazrat Shahjalal (RA) was a famous saint of the Indian

Booking: 01766990725 Travel to Sajek Valley with Travel Mate, the land of clouds on every weekly holiday. You can join our Sajek Valley Tour with your family on every weekend. The trip starts from Dhaka on every Thursday Night at 9 PM The trip ends from Dhaka on every Sunday Morning at 6 PM Tour costs: 5.500

201 Dome Mosque (201 Gombuj Masjid – ২০১ গম্বুজ মসজিদ) is a mosque located in Gopalpur Upazila of Tangail (South Pathalia, Jhawail Chatutia Rd, 1991). The builders claim that this is the mosque with the most domes in the world and the second tallest minaret mosque. It has used total 9 minarets. Another UNESCO heritage

This is a trekking tour! Will Keokradong win or surrender to its enormity? Sitting on the shores of Boga Lake, the beauty of the mountains, you will see the play of innumerable stars in the sky of pure black darkness? Say goodbye to a sunset and welcome a dawn on from the highest peak of

About Nafakhum: Nafakhum is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you consider the volume of water falling. People explain it as the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. That is to say, Nafakhum is located in the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district – a hilly district of Chittagong Division.  Thanchi is located 79km away from Bandarban district.