When we hear about festivals, our minds dance with joy. To get the release from monotonous, working loads, or to pass the close time with the family members and friends, the festival is an excellent way from ancient times! All kinds of festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world to spread their religion,

Only 3 percent of the salt and freshwater lakes or reservoirs around the world are completely transparent. Usually, such a lake may not be visible. And that is why every year there are numerous tourist crowds in these places in search of a transparent lake Some of them travel for swimming or diving purposes, while

The God has inadvertently decorated the hilly district of Khagrachari (খাগড়াছড়ি). It can be distinguished by its unique characteristics. There is the diversity of the plains and tribal cultures of the vast plains— with the combination of Chengi and Maine valleys. Wherever the see you will find only the green fields. Thus the Khagrachari Hill

The name of the tour is ‘Backwater Tour’. Quite interesting to foreigners, they love adventurous—so like these types of tours. One such tour was held in Kerala, India regularly. However, now in Bangladesh, the idea has been launched in Barisal with ‘Barisal Backwater Tours’. To get support or more information, Travel Mate can help you

Bisnakandi is located in the Rustampur union of Goainghat Upazila of Sylhet. Sylhet’s Goainghat Upazila is filled with mountains, fountains, and greenery. The Upazila has the border with India. The beauty of the places fills the attractions of the tourist. The rocky river, forest, tea orchard in the hills overwhelm the mind! Tourists come to