Sajek Valley Tour Package: Call 09678388388, 01766990725 Who does not want to be lost in a white cloud-like cotton? Sajek Valley, currently the most popular destination for pilgrims/travelers, is located in the biggest union of Bangladesh, Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati district. It is on the border of Mizoram in the north of Rangamati district. The

Among the beautiful patterns of nature in the world, waterfalls are one of them. Waterfall is a tremendous fall in naturally flowing water from a certain height. Waterfalls are usually marked as one of the natural beauties. With diversified sounds of water and terrific natural scenes – all in all, waterfalls are attractive to everyone.

Kutubdia Island (কুতুবদিয়া) is about 166 square kilometers, located in Cox’s Bazar district. This island is full of diversity, has the largest wind power plant in Bangladesh, alongside the beach, the salt cultivation, the lighthouse and the shrine of Qutub Auliya. Though there is no electricity connection on the island of Kutubdia, using generators and

Booking Tanguar Haor Luxury House Boat Tanguar Haor is the second largest sweetwater swamp area in the Sunamganj district, the area is about 100 sq km. After Sundarbans, it is the most beautiful largest sweetwater swamp in the northeast reign of Bangladesh is located in Dharmapasha of Sunamganj district and Tahirpur Upazila.  This Haor is

Sandwip Island (Upazila) is located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the mouth of the Meghna river of Chittagong district. It is an ancient island of Bangladesh. The island of about 4 million population is 50 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide. Each and every entity of Sandwip is